How Slate Milk Saves 40 Hours/Month with Archive

Insights from
Anna Carr
Senior Partnerships Manager
Slate Milk
Food and beverage

About Slate Milk

Slate Milk makes lactose-free latte and milk drinks with high protein and zero added sugar. They generate tons of UGC through their brand ambassador program, so Senior Partnerships Manager Anna Carr trusted Archive to end her manual slog and empower her team with a fully automated influencer marketing program.

The Challenge

Slate Milk’s brand ambassador program kept Anna and an intern glued to their screens around the clock; if they weren’t scrolling Instagram and TikTok constantly, they missed tagged content.

She tried Grin, but had to use third-party downloader apps whenever an influencer wasn’t already in the system. Anna sorted all those assets into weekly Dropbox folders, meaning there was no way to browse and no room for inspiration to strike.

Finally, Anna manually recorded data about every asset in an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was tedious  but necessary because it was her only insight into program performance. She could estimate monthly impressions but not zero in on a specific influencer or campaign. 

“At first, it was manageable. But as we started to grow, we were like, ‘we can't keep up with this.'

The Solution

That’s when Anna started looking for an influencer marketing platform that could give her team automation tools, reporting features, and some creative freedom. Slate Milk now runs their entire brand ambassador program through Archive.

  1. Archive automatically collects Instagram & TikTok content that mentions @slatemilk or the hashtags they’re tracking.
  2. Anna uses custom labels and collections to organize content based on the brand-influencer relationship, campaign details, etc.
  3. She downloads watermark-free assets only once she’s ready to repurpose that content into paid ads, investor decks, etc.
  4. With Slate Milk’s influencer and content data saved in Archive, it’s easy for Anna to search, analyze, and run reports in one place.
“Archive is the only platform that automatically pulls in all of the content and its data. We can download a CSV at any time. It’s all already there. We don’t have to go searching for anything.”

The Results

Now, Anna gets to sit back and watch Slate Milk’s tagged content roll in. She only downloads assets when it’s time to use them. She never has to worry that she’s missing posts if she’s out of office or offline. And there’s no reason to staff an intern just to do boring busy work.

  • 100% scrolling eliminated
  • 40 hours/month saved

“It's awesome because not only do we get to see how we’re doing over time, but we're also able to get granular and splice the data in a lot of different ways.”

For example, Slate Milk orchestrated a huge marketing push to announce their UFC partnership in 2023. Archive put all the campaign content and data at Anna’s fingertips. Whenever leadership asks for an update, she can immediately share how the campaign is going.

“Archive gives us a holistic view of how all of our different partnerships and marketing initiatives are affecting our social presence,”

With Archive, Slate Milk has the juice they need to take their brand ambassador program to new heights.