Competitor Insights

Spy on your competitors’ influencer programs

The world’s first tool that shows you every influencer top brands are working with and lets you analyze their program performance.

Benchmark your performance against competitors

Compare key metrics like EMV and impressions and set strategic goals that bridge the gap between you and the top brands.

Visualize performance over time and identify key events

Develop a clear pulse of performance on a weekly basis
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Get a snapshot in seconds

Report key competitor metrics for your upcoming strategy meeting

Stay ahead of the content curve

Analyze what’s working in your competitors’ strategies, get inspired, and build your next big influencer campaign with real-time insights.

Spot emerging content trends

Inspire your next campaign

Scroll through their top-performing content

Adjust your influencer strategy and improve budget allocation
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We capture 400% more content than the next best platform

Tribe Dynamics
Sprout, Sprinklr, Dash Hudson
Does it capture tagged content?
All of it
Some of it
None of it
Good luck, buddy 🤞
How much content does it capture?
400% more than the next best out there
20% of what Archive can capture
Only captures content the brand posts
It’s like fishing; you eat what you catch 🎣
Can you see the full community?
See their entire community, from mega-influencers to everyday customers
Get a small slice of the pie (focuses on influencers with 10K+ followers)
Limited to influencers the brand shares/reposts
Only what you can capture manually scrolling IG/TikTok 😵
How much content can you access?
100% (infinitely scroll every piece of tagged content)
Limited to top 50 posts/month
Any assets you manually save or download 🤦
How many influencers can you view?
100% (infinitely scroll every influencer that’s tagged the brand)
Limited to top 50 influencers/month
How many taps does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? 🍭
How much does it cost?
50% cheaper than the closest competitor
Costs an arm and a leg
Charges a ton for not much 🫠
Free, but boy do you get what you pay for… 💸
The benchmarks make it easy to see how we stack up to different competitors. I can communicate to execs not only how we’re doing, but also how we’re doing compared to other brands.

That could potentially get us higher budgets down the line.

Sarah Grosz

Influencer Marketing Manager @ Allbirds

If some brand had a big month, we can use Competitor Insights to see which influencers were involved in those campaigns.

It allows us to understand the inner workings of how they’re blowing up.

Clark Pagaduan

Social Media Manager at Quest Nutrition

We want to see how other brands are getting everyday consumers to talk about them. We use Competitor Insights to see if they’re running a giveaway, or if there are trends in their content.

It helps us develop our own strategy and meet KPIs like tags per month.

Ilana Shektman

Digital Marketing Manager @ Long Drink

We can see who creators are loyal to. If they’re always tagging a competitor, maybe we don’t want to work with them.

Competitor Insights helps us make strategic choices when we’re deciding who we want to work with.

Gabriella Koek

Content Manager @ Ruggable

Most CPG companies run on ads… Competitor Insights helps us dream up new creative.

Simal Adenwala

Senior Partnerships Manager @ immi Ramen

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