Organize your UGC effortlessly

Get organized, stay creative, and collaborate seamlessly with custom UGC Collections built around any topic, like product launches, campaigns, hashtags, or events.
How collections work

The content you need, ready at your fingertips

Easy collaboration

Collaborate on Collections

Generate a public link to share your Collection with anyone — your team, agency, or brand partners. They’ll only be able to view the Collection you share, and they don’t even need an Archive account to see it.
Great flexibility

Update Collections freely

Keep your Collections relevant and fresh by adding and removing content as often as you want. Removing an asset from a Collection won’t delete it from your library, so you never have to worry about losing content.
Easily customizable

Create Custom Collections

Handpick any UGC from your library to add it to an existing Collection, or select “Add to Collection” from any asset and click the [+] button to create a brand new Collection starting with that piece of content.

Archive is a game-changer!
This has been such a helpful tool for staying connected with our community and sourcing UGC. It saves us time, is easy to use, and gives valuable insights!

Gloria Rodriguez

Take control of your content with Collections

Choose your theme

Create Collections around anything you can imagine — products, campaigns, regions, languages, you name it.

Filter your library view

Apply filters to include or exclude Collections from your library view, then layer on other filters freely.

Collaborate with your team

Easily share custom Collections so your team can review and approve UGC before you repurpose it.

Avoid overusing UGC

Keep track of the content you’ve already featured in brand campaigns to avoid repetition and overuse.

Highlight social proof

Collect testimonials and reviews you can turn into social proof campaigns that build trust and boost sales.

Test your campaign creative

Create Collections for multiple concurrent campaigns so you can A/B test your ad creative and monitor progress.

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