Usage Rights

Get permission from creators to repurpose their UGC

Effortlessly request Usage Rights directly from creators and track the status of all your requests right in your library so you always know what content you have permission to use.
How Usage Rights work

Eliminate risk by managing Usage Rights the right way

All in one place

Ask for permission directly from Archive

Archive makes requesting Usage Rights as simple as sending a Direct Message. Reach out to your Social Profiles in just a few clicks and complete the entire process without leaving your library.

Personalize your request messages

Customize the message you send with each request to reinforce your brand voice and create a more engaging and relevant experience. Or save a custom standard message that’s always queued up and ready to go.
Flexible control

Keep tabs on all your requests

Manage all of your active and historical requests right in your library. Track the status of your requests (approved/rejected/pending) so you can stay organized and ensure you're always using UGC the right way.

Archive is a game-changer!
This has been such a helpful tool for staying connected with our community and sourcing UGC. It saves us time, is easy to use, and gives valuable insights!

Gloria Rodriguez

Unleash your UGC campaigns and protect your ads with ease

Protect your ad creative

Use Archive’s Usage Rights feature to protect your brand campaigns from any potential legal issues. Identify the UGC you want to use in your library and clearly track when you do and don’t have permission to repurpose it.

Streamline your workflow

Doing UGC by the book doesn’t have to be a saga. Requesting Usage Rights takes just a few clicks, so getting permission won’t gum up the works or cause friction for your marketing and advertising teams.

Automate your conversations

Forget manually reaching out to influencers and maintaining individual conversations. It’s easy to request Usage Rights and track the status of all your requests at a glance, without ever leaving your Archive library.

Unleash your campaigns

Correctly managing Usage Rights broadens your UGC playground. Once you have official permission, you’ll be able to increase your engagement and reach by boldly sharing the best real-world content about your brand.

Collaborate with confidence

Archive lets you filter by status to see who has approved or denied your Usage Rights requests in the past. Identify high-value Social Profiles to collab with and start building those long-term influencer relationships.

Stand with creators

We wouldn’t have UGC without U. Requesting Usage Rights signals to the world that you stand with your Social Profiles and support their creative rights by only sharing brand aligned, fully approved content.

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