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Archive helps brands harness the power of their communities. We don't just build better influencer relationships, we turn UGC into your most powerful marketing tool.
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Why Archive is the right choice


Make UGC the best part of your influencer marketing strategy

While GRIN is juggling too many tasks to count, Archive specializes in helping you get more out of your UGC. Build better influencer relationships — and drive revenue — with AI-powered tools that help you collect, organize, manage, and repurpose all the social media content your brand is tagged in.

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Don’t want to type in your email just to get a demo? Tired of waiting for an assisted setup before you can dive in? Unlike GRIN, signing up for Archive is totally self-service. Get started immediately and watch your UGC roll in on day one. Need a little extra attention? No problem. Our team is here to help you out, not slow you down.
Easy to use

Beautiful, intuitive, and powered by the latest AI tech

Influencer management and UGC marketing don’t have to be tedious. Archive eliminates all the manual processes that bog down your team. From managing UGC to requesting usage rights, everything is at your fingertips in your Archive library. Because you need a tool that’s easy to use right away, not tech that requires a PhD.

Archive app has really helped us organize and improve our creative process.

Jack Paxton
Founder Top Growth Marketing
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Turn social commerce into your most profitable channel.

Automatic content detection
Detect all the UGC your brand is tagged in on Instagram and TikTok, automatically.
Custom filter view
Find the perfect piece of content by combining filters that let you get hyper specific.
Shoppable UGC feed
Transform your content into a sales tool with click-to-buy social proof displayed on your website.
Super search
Our next-gen AI search tool works the way humans think so you can find the UGC you need in no time.
Usage rights
Secure Usage Rights and manage pending requests all from inside your UGC library
Get started for free
It’s 100% free to sign up and get started with Archive right now.

Make social commerce your gold mine

Get Archive and use Al to find your best UGG, partner with more influencers, and make more money with social commerce.
Without spending hours a day scrolling Instagram & TikTok.