Case Studies

Learn why high growth brands choose Archive


Before Archive, NATPAT’s all-hands-on-deck strategy made it impossible for employees to focus on their core job responsibilities.

Long Drink

Before Archive, manually screenshotting UGC and recording stats by hand made Long Drink’s national brand awareness goals virtually impossible.


Grüns is great at gifting, but they had no automated process for turning that flood of UGC into polished ad content until they started using Archive.

She's Birdie

She’s Birdie was capturing UGC manually, missing out on content, and hemorrhaging money on ad creation until they got Archive.

Agency Eight

Managing UGC for 10+ D2C brand clients was error-prone, exhausting, and unscalable until Agency Eight got Archive.


HVMN struggled to leverage its user-generated content (UGC) for marketing purposes. Despite having a large Instagram following, HVMN found it challenging to turn UGC into a successful sales tool on their website. Then, they found Archive.

Slate Milk

Even with an intern, constantly scrolling social media and manually recording stats meant that Slate Milk regularly missed out on UGC before Archive.


Before Archive, Immi was going to have to hire two full-time marketing employees just to keep up with the viral pace of their UGC.