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Paul Benigeri, CEO and Co-Founder, Archive
Paul Benigeri
Geoff and I studied AI/CS at Stanford and spent 5 years building an 8-figure e-commerce brand together. We viscerally understand the pain points that every e-commerce founder and digital marketer faces. The biggest pain point (after making a product) is figuring out how to grow quickly and efficiently.

We spent years trying every marketing tactic, grinding away with manual and rote processes, and trading notes with the smartest in the industry.

Through our learnings & experience, we crystallized that using AI to scale social commerce is the holy grail for marketers.
How we work
The Archive standard
Customer Obsession
Archive is dedicated to serving its customers and solving their problems. They strive to understand their customers, their goals, and their existing workflows in order to build good software.
Amp it Up
Archive values speed as a competitive advantage. They aim to ship faster than they are comfortable with and maintain a high level of focus and concentration. They set high standards and are quick to cut things that aren't working or a good use of time.
You’re an Owner, Act Like One
Everyone at Archive is responsible for building the company. They behave as CEOs of their projects & teams and are willing to go the extra distance. They operate with extreme self-awareness and do not let defects get sent down the line.
Archive values detail-oriented work and takes pride in what they ship. They call out the truth and their opinions, even when contradictory. They are open to confrontation and are intellectually honest in their pursuit of truth.
Level Up. Always Curious
Archive believes in continual improvement and embraces candid feedback. They are always open to new possibilities and ideas.
Championship Team
Archive values employee commitment and expects employees to earn their seat at the company. They have an intense work culture and value grit and resilience. They also take rest seriously to improve productivity over the long term.
Archive recognizes the importance of impeccable work hygiene for individuals and teams to move fast. They value deep work and understand the benefits of large, uninterrupted blocks of time. They disapprove of performative work and indirect conversation, both of which they consider wasteful.
How we work
Archive Standards
These are the specific actions and attitudes that are relevant to Archive's performance and work style.
Customer obsession
Amp it up
You’re an owner, act like one
Always curious
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Core Benefits
Competitive compensation
Workstation upgrades
Above market PTO policy
Semiannual team getaways
Health and Wellness
We support your physical health with a comprehensive health package and gym membership.
Continuous Learning and Development
Expand your horizons with our continuous professional growth and development opportunities.
Employee Recognition Program
Feel valued with our program recognizing and rewarding exceptional employee contributions.
Mental Health Support
We prioritize your mental wellbeing by providing accessible support and resources.
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Software Engineer
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Product Marketer
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Don’t Take Our Word For It
Archive people
Carla Rodriguez - Founder at MeditationMania works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive has streamlined our digital marketing operations. With their platform, we can easily manage and track user-generated content, saving us time and resources."

Carla Rodriguez
Founder&Board Member @ MeditationMania
Roberta Blake - Growth Manager at 4Paws works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive is a game-changer for community management. Their platform automates the tedious tasks of tracking and sharing user-generated content, freeing up time for more important tasks."

Roberta Blake
Growth Manager @ 4Paws
Vasili Dryakov - Business owner at GetWhatYouWant works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"As a small business owner, Archive has been a lifesaver! Their platform saves me hours of time by automatically collecting and organizing all my social media posts in one place."

Vasili Dryakov
Business Owner @ GetWhatYouWant
Gerard Marche - Marketing Officer at Luminar Technologies works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"I love how Archive makes it easy to repurpose content. Requesting usage rights is a breeze, and I can quickly create new marketing materials from existing posts."

Gerard Marche
Marketing Officer @ Luminar Technologies
Marine Rabatt - Marketing Manager at Zippeables works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive has revolutionized our social media strategy! With their automated tagging feature, we can easily track and share user-generated content across multiple platforms."

Marine Rabatt
Marketing Manager @ Zippeables

Frequently asked questions

Have you raised any money?
We raised $12M from Stripe, Human Capital, Tiger Global, Battery Ventures, Lux Capital, Anti Fund, and 50+ founders & executives at companies like Attentive, Brex, and Ramp. See the announcement on Techcrunch.
Where are your offices?
We are a fully remote, distributed company. Our team members are located in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
What’s your culture like?
Check our "Archive Standards" section above. We hire, fire, and promote based on these standards.If you're thinking about joining us, approach our Standards as follows: assume they are a reflection of reality, and use the interview process to determine whether our team genuinely lives up to them or not.
Who are your customers?
Our customers are primarily brands with an annual revenue of $20M+ and a strong social media presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. They often employ a marketing strategy that relies on affiliates, influencers, and user-generated content and have a substantial budget for customer acquisition. Key users of our products include professionals in Community, Influencer, Digital, or Marketing Departments, ranging from coordinators to directors and VPs.