About us

Archive makes community marketing software for e-commerce brands.

Archive is a technology company that builds digital community marketing infrastructure and automation for e-commerce merchants. Businesses of every size—from new startups to household brands—use our software to harness the content and creativity from their communities and make their digital marketing more cost-effective.

Building community marketing 🚀

We started our careers as e-commerce merchants, so we viscerally understand the pain points that every e-commerce founder and digital marketer faces. The biggest pain point (after making a product) is figuring out how to grow quickly and efficiently. We’ve both spent years experimenting with virtually every marketing tactic, grinding away with manual and rote processes, and trading notes and tips with the top community and digital marketers in the industry. As we collected these insights and experiences, we crystallized that building and scaling community is the holy grail for marketers.

Our founders

Geoffrey Woo
Co-founder & Chairman
Paul Benigeri
Co-Founder & CEO
Backed by the smartest investors in the world.


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founders & executives at companies like Attentive, Brex, and Ramp.

Our principles

We’re brand builders and digital marketers at heart. We are building the software that we wished we had when we were building our own brands.
We approach community marketing challenges as process engineers. We are obsessed with optimizing and automating all the intricacies in community management and marketing workflows.
E-commerce and digital marketing ecosystem are constantly and rapidly evolving. We’re building a suite of tools to keep on top of the competition/ marketing.

Great app saves me a lot of time to gather all the content. We use many UGC for ads and it is a good app for not missing any content.

Fraté Maté

Archive saves our agency partner around an hour [every week] of work. Our director saves around the same time as well since it’s so convenient to find and download the post.

Marissa Dangovian

This app is the easiest way to pull and organize tagged posts from Instagram! Very helpful to have all that user-generated content in one place to sort, download, and reach out to the person to tagged our brand!

Pereg Natural Foods & Spices