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Maximize your community’s potential

Your community has the potential to be a powerful marketing engine - and the Archive API can help you unlock it.

With real-time data and community insights, you can supercharge your marketing efforts, optimize your campaigns, and drive revenue growth.

Optimize marketing performance

Leverage real-time insights and detailed performance data about the Social Profiles in your community and the UGC they’re posting about your brand. Optimize your marketing strategy, level up your campaigns, and build more meaningful and productive partnerships.

Automate your social media

Take the manual effort out of key social media activities like posting, commenting, and sharing. You can even automate managing your influencer and affiliate marketing programs so you always get the most out of every collaboration.

Maximize your community CDP

The Archive API integrates seamlessly with your CDP so you can unlock the full potential of your community data. Use enriched data to make informed decisions that empower your brand, deepen engagement, and build business success.

Customize your workflows

Custom-design the exact marketing solutions you need thanks to the flexibility of the Archive API. We’ll create tailored integrations and build bespoke workflows that align with your brand strategy and support your community marketing goals.

Archive built custom workflows to help OpenStore level up every aspect of their partnership program.

Using the Archive API’s Creator Audience Reports feature, OpenStore is able to predict which Social Profiles will perform best (before issuing payments or sending out freebies). Then we built a custom workflow that allows OpenStore to automatically message the most promising Social Profiles in their community and invite them to join their gifting and paid partnership programs.

They also use the data available through the Archive API Content Engagement feature to analyze and quantify the value they derive from each individual post and from collaborations overall. Time-stamped metrics including comment, like, and view counts allow OpenStore to tie performance directly to revenue and adjust their strategies accordingly.

OpenStore uses triggers via Webhooks to automate their interactions with each Social Profile. They automatically send a message to confirm they’ve seen the content as soon as it’s posted, and activities including liking and commenting are all fully automated in OpenStore’s custom engagement workflow.

Before using Archive, it would have taken IMMI at least two full-time employees to manually monitor all the UGC on social media.

Kevin Lee
Co-Founder, IMMI

Comprehensive UGC details

The Content Details feature unlocks extensive UGC data, including platform, post type, file size, date and time, hashtags, captions, @mentions, and Usage Rights status, so you can better understand your audience and optimize your community and content strategies.

Measure content performance

The Content Engagement feature displays real-time comment counts, like counts, view counts, and more, so you can analyze how your community’s UGC is performing and make data-driven decisions about your partnership program and engagement strategy.

Real-time notifications

The Archive API’s Triggers via Webhooks feature sends real-time notifications about the most important activity in your community. Get custom alerts about everything from Instagram Stories to TikTok comments and engagement from high-priority Social Profiles.

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