How Archive helped She's Birdie slash over $10k/month in content creation costs

Insights from
Richie Mashiko
Head of Growth
She's Birdie
Women's Safety & Health

The Challenge

She's Birdie struggled to manage and organize their extensive UGC across Facebook and TikTok ad accounts. The manual content collection process was time-consuming, costly, and limited their ability to fully utilize the UGC available to them.


She's Birdie adopted Archive, an e-commerce content management tool, to automate and streamline their UGC management. Archive efficiently gathers and organizes their Instagram and TikTok content, making it readily accessible for various marketing channels.

She's Birdie is a company dedicated to enhancing women's safety and empowering them to take control of their personal security. Founded with the mission to create reliable and accessible safety solutions, She's Birdie offers a range of personal safety alarms specifically designed for women.

As a result of their dedication and the effectiveness of their products, She's Birdie has built a strong following and generated an abundance of User Generated Content (UGC) across various social media platforms. This impressive engagement has led to the company seeking innovative ways to manage and make the most of their UGC, ultimately turning to Archive for a streamlined and effective solution.

Overcoming Content Management Obstacles

She's Birdie faced hurdles in managing and organizing their abundant User Generated Content (UGC) across Facebook and TikTok ad accounts. Their manual process was labor-intensive, expensive, and limited their ability to fully exploit their wealth of UGC.

Streamlining UGC Management with Archive

She's Birdie embraced Archive, a cutting-edge e-commerce content management tool that streamlines UGC management. Archive automatically collects and organizes their Instagram and TikTok tagged posts, enabling She's Birdie to effortlessly use the content for various marketing channels, including paid ads, organic social media, email, and SMS marketing.

Archive's implementation revolutionized She's Birdie's content management process and maximized the value of their UGC. The platform's automation eliminated the need for manual content collection and organization, leading to savings of more than $10,000 per month in content creation fees.

Thanks to Archive's intuitive interface, She's Birdie could efficiently find and utilize the most relevant and captivating content for their audience. This improvement translated into enhanced ad performance across their Facebook and TikTok ad accounts, ultimately boosting their return on investment.

Thanks to Archive, we have all the UGC in the world in one place. We're able to use the content we get from Archive for paid ads, organic social, and email/SMS. This app is an absolute steal and must have for any ecom store, no matter how big or small.

Achieving Success with Archive

By choosing Archive as their content management solution, She's Birdie achieved the following:

  1. Saved over $10,000 per month in content creation fees.
  2. Streamlined content management by automatically collecting and organizing UGC from Instagram and TikTok.
  3. Enhanced ad performance by leveraging the most relevant and engaging UGC for their target audience.
  4. Utilized UGC across various marketing channels, including paid ads, organic social media, email, and SMS marketing.

In conclusion, Archive has proven to be an invaluable tool for e-commerce businesses like She's Birdie, offering a comprehensive solution for managing and capitalizing on UGC. With its potential to save thousands of dollars per month and improve marketing performance, Archive is an essential app for e-commerce stores of all sizes.