How She's Birdie saves $10k/month on content creation with Archive

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Richie Mashiko
Head of Growth
She's Birdie
Women's Safety & Health

About She’s Birdie

She’s Birdie makes an internet-connected personal safety alarm designed to deter attacks and keep women safe. The She’s Birdie community was constantly posting about the brand online, but co-founders (and sisters) Amy and Ali Ferber struggled to keep up with all that content. That’s when they went looking for a streamlined UGC solution that was powerful, affordable, and easy to use.

The Challenge

Over 3 million women have purchased Birdie and Birdie+, the upgraded model of the brand’s personal safety device. But the extensive UGC pouring in through Instagram and TikTok was bogging the She’s Birdie team down instead of lifting the brand up. 

Having to collect content manually took forever, and repurposing UGC into ad campaigns cost She’s Birdie a ton of creative resources. No matter how hard the team worked, they kept missing content. They knew they weren’t fully utilizing the amazing UGC streaming in from the She’s Birdie community.

The Solution

She’s Birdie streamlined their UGC management and content creation efforts with Archive. The platform automatically collects all the content they’re tagged in on Instagram and TikTok, so She’s Birdie never has to spend another second scrolling for content. Plus, they’ll never miss a post again. 

Because She’s Birdie relies heavily on UGC advertising, perfecting the content creation pipeline was critical. Using Archive’s filters, collections, labels, and library views, She’s Birdie can turn fresh UGC into ad-ready content in no time.

Archive’s AI-powered Super Search makes it easy for anyone on the She’s Birdie team to find the perfect piece of content for every campaign. That way, there’s no friction when it comes time to repurpose relevant and engaging UGC for specific targeted audiences.

The Results

She’s Birdie solved all of their UGC woes with one solution: Archive. Not only does Archive automatically capture all of their tagged UGC, but it also makes it easier to repurpose that content into beautiful, high-performing campaigns. 

She’s Birdie achieved major results:

  • Saved $10,000+ per month on content creation
  • Enhanced Meta and TikTok ad performance
  • Increased brand revenue & ROI
“Thanks to Archive, we have all our UGC in one place. We're able to use the content in Archive for paid ads, organic social, and email/SMS. This app is an absolute steal and must have for any ecom store, no matter how big or small.”