How NATPAT Got Kim K. To Grant Usage Rights Using Archive

Insights from
Michael Jankie

About NatPat

NATPAT’s “stick-on superpower” patches are infused with essential oils to make everything from repelling mosquitos to falling asleep more fun for kids. The self-funded startup has an active following of superfans that support the brand organically. Founder Michael Jankie went looking for a solution to automatically save their UGC — that’s when he found Archive.

The Challenge

NATPAT uses UGC in 55% of their ads, so the customer service team did double duty as UGC collectors. They manually scrolled through social media to find tagged content and saved labeled screenshots to Dropbox.

But they regularly missed tagged content, especially on the weekends. And if they didn’t capture Instagram stories before they disappeared, they were lost forever.

The social team picked out content they wanted to repurpose, and NATPAT hired lawyers to draw up contracts they could email to influencers for permission to reuse their content. Staff were dedicating hours to scanning documents. The process was slow and unnecessarily complicated.

The Solution

“Archive started off as a really cheap and almost laughably easy solve for grabbing UGC. It very quickly moved toward solving the issue of getting permission to use content from creators.”

Automatically capture tagged UGC, including stories

So all of NATPAT’s teams can focus on core tasks instead of swapping over to UGC collection every day.

Slack alerts when major accounts post

Archive’s Slack integration notifies NATPAT immediately if an influencer with over 30K followers tags the brand.

Standardized and totally transparent usage rights

With just a few clicks, NATPAT gets all the permissions they need. No contracts or drawn out email threads.

Collections streamline the ad creation process

Approved UGC is sorted into product-specific collections so the team knows exactly what they can use in ads.

AI search to find the perfect piece of content

NATPAT’s social media manager uses Super Search to instantly find content that works for specific campaigns.

Display high-quality UGC on site in seconds

“Shoppable UGC Feed seamlessly integrates into our site and has become a key component of our e-commerce strategy.”

The Results

NATPAT has seen 100% YoY growth since they launched, but the customer service team is still only four people.

“We would have had to grow the team to six just to grab content. Handing that off to Archive is significantly cheaper and much better than hiring humans to try and do the same thing poorly.”
  • 25 hrs/week saved: across customer service, marketing, and product dev. teams
  • 0 UGC missed: not even disappearing Instagram stories or weekend content

Running usage rights through Archive has eliminated countless hours of labor, endless emails chains, and bloated legal fees. It’s even come with a few surprises…

One day, Michael woke up to a Slack alert that @KimKardashian (340M+ followers, ICYMI) had posted about the brand. There was no outreach, this was organic social content. The customer service team sent their usual usage rights request through Archive. She approved the request within minutes.

“If we were trying to figure out how to ask Kim Kardashian to reuse this content, we would have been doing contracts for weeks, agonizing over the most polite thing to say. Archive solved it so quickly, so efficiently, so elegantly. That was a pivotal moment in our business that I laugh about… how is this so easy?”