How Agency Eight Saves 40+ Hours/Week with Archive

Insights from
Aurielle Kaminski
Founder & CEO
Agency Eight
Marketing Services

About Agency Eight

Agency Eight is a strategic community-building agency specializing in D2C brands. They design custom strategies to grow organic social, generate affiliate sales, and build community both on and offline. 

While expanding their client roster, Agency Eight co-founders Auri Kaminski and Alex Ashton started looking for a way to automate UGC capture, attribution, and reporting for all the brands they support.

The Challenge

Agency Eight sources hundreds of influencer partners and coordinates gifting for brand clients, and UGC is one of their primary metrics. But that meant Auri was stuck screenshotting every piece of client UGC. 

She saved content in labeled Dropbox folders and logged everything in a spreadsheet. “It was very, very labor intensive,” Auri said. Manually managing 10+ clients was error-prone and exhausting.

The more the agency evolved, the more there was to track. Follower counts, engagement data, EMV… those static numbers were outdated as soon as Auri typed them into the spreadsheet.

Agency Eight needed an easy way to automate content capture, complete with accurate tracking and reporting capabilities that would allow them to claim credit for their activations and improve their client offering.

The Solution

Agency Eight sets up each new client with Archive as part of standard onboarding. Every week, they upload a list of all the influencers they’ve contacted on behalf of each client.

Automatic UGC capture and accurate attribution

Archive automatically displays the Agency Eight label on all content from those influencers, ensuring it’s attributed to the agency.

Streamlined content sharing with public links

The agency sends clients collections showcasing their favorite UGC, monthly roundups, and more. The best part: no screenshots or downloads.

Solve for username changes and multiple accounts

If someone posts from a different account or on another platform, Archive still captures that UGC so Agency Eight can easily add their label and claim credit. 

“Archive gives us more accurate and more interesting data to show the growth we create for our clients. It gives us a clear source of truth for their UGC.”

The Results

Today, Agency Eight’s roster includes 11 clients generating 1000+ pieces of UGC each week. (By the time you read this, probably more.) “We would not be able to have as many clients as we have now if Archive didn't exist,” Alex said.

  • 40+ hrs/wk saved: Tracking & reporting on all clients would have been a full-time job (or more)
  • +20% capacity per client: Archive gives Agency Eight more room to think, create, and deliver

“Without Archive, we could not offer the same quality service we do now,” Alex said. Brand clients that weren’t collecting UGC at all now have access to their content in Archive forever. That’s just one of the ways Agency Eight uses Archive to do more for clients:

  • Save clients money on overblown tools that do too many of the wrong things poorly
  • Give clients full access to their data so they can track results and assess value independently
  • Help clients grow their social funnel thanks to increased visibility and access
“It's such a no-brainer. It’s more important than an accounting platform. If you're a brand with any social media presence, Archive is higher on the list than QuickBooks.”