How Ketone-IQ increases conversion by 17% with Archive

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Michael Brandt
Co-founder and CEO

The Challenge

HVMN struggled to leverage its user-generated content (UGC) for marketing purposes. Despite having a large Instagram following, HVMN found it challenging to turn UGC into a successful sales tool on their website. They needed to find a way to display UGC directly on their e-commerce site to encourage customers through the purchase funnel and boost sales.


Archive's Shoppable UGC Feed helped HVMN showcase their best content on their e-commerce site and increase conversion by 17%. The widget transformed UGC into a sales tool by displaying social proof directly on HVMN's website.

HVMN is a leader in the performance-enhancing supplement and nootropics space. The brand frequently leverages user-generated content to increase website traffic and boost sales, but finding the right piece of content to move the needle was sucking up too much of their marketing team’s time and effort. Introducing Archive’s Shoppable UGC Feed allowed HVMN to easily showcase their best content on their e-commerce site, increasing conversion by 17%.

UGC Wasn’t Driving Sales or Inspiring Conversion

With nearly 47,000 followers on Instagram, HVMN gets a steady stream of user-generated content coming through the door. While inspiring a social media conversation about your brand is a challenge in itself, turning that content into a successful marketing tool is another story altogether.

HVMN was struggling to make effective use of their wealth of UGC. There was a disconnect between the brand’s social media success and their website, and their UGC strategy wasn’t inspiring conversion.

The brand also wasn’t sure how to best display their UGC directly on their e-commerce site to encourage customers through the purchase funnel. They set out to find a way to maximize the power of UGC as social proof, seamlessly add it to their website, and ultimately boost sales and drive revenue.

Archive's Shoppable UGC Feed

When HVMN introduced Archive’s Shoppable UGC Feed, they quickly realized it satisfied everything on their wishlist. The widget is specifically designed to transform UGC into a sales tool by showcasing social proof directly on your brand’s website.

The Shoppable UGC Feed allowed HVMN to show off the best of the UGC from their engaged and passionate community, right on their e-commerce site. Customers browsing online scroll through photos and videos from big-name influencers, getting the social proof they need to make a purchase decision.

HVMN also made use of the Shoppable UGC Feed’s individual product tagging feature, reducing friction and encouraging conversion. While scrolling through social proof right on the HVMN website, customers can click directly on any piece of content to be redirected to the relevant product page.

Sales Up By 28.5%, Conversion Up By 17%

In just over two weeks using Archive’s Shoppable UGC Feed, HVMN saw a jump in performance across the board, including:

  • More visitors/customer sessions on the website
  • Increased revenue overall
  • Increased revenue per session
  • Increased conversion rate

HVMN took a scientific approach to analyzing their performance, comparing results over a 16-day period using the Shoppable UGC Feed to the 16-day period before installing it.

In addition to increasing the number of sessions on-site by 2.8%, HVMN saw a 28.5% increase in revenue overall and a 25.5% increase in revenue per session. HVMN’s conversion rate increased by 17%, proving just how powerful UGC can be when you have the right tools in place.

We are happy to see how the video UGC section performs and we want to go further to continue experimenting and better analyzing the data.

Archive Helps Brands Transform UGC into Revenue

Archive's Shoppable UGC Feed was a game-changer for HVMN, allowing them to achieve their goal of transforming their UGC into reliable revenue. The widget was easy to install directly on the HVMN website, giving customers a convenient way to find the social proof they crave and shop directly from that content.

If you’re having a hard time turning your brand’s UGC into a reliable sales tool, we can help. Archive lets you showcase your best and boldest content in a shoppable on-site module, driving sales, increasing conversion rates, and boosting revenue for your business.