How Long Drink Got 2X Social Mentions with Archive

Insights from
Ilana Shektman
Digital Brand Manager
Long Drink
Beverage Manufacturing

About Long Drink

Long Drink is a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage based on an iconic Finnish favorite. Digital Brand Manager Ilana Shektman set out to find an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that could help her make Long Drink a household name across the US, the way it already is in Finland.

The Challenge

Long Drink’s primary goal is to grow brand awareness. Mentions are their most important influencer KPI, but Ilana’s predecessor had to manually screenshot every post and log every individual mention in a spreadsheet. 

Over the course of her career, Ilana would regularly Google “platform to capture and save UGC,” but there was nothing out there. By the time she joined Long Drink, Archive was on the scene.

“There were social listening platforms, but until Archive nothing had everything we needed from saving content to AI search. At the end of the day, there just wasn't another platform like Archive.”

The Solution

Today, Long Drink uses Archive to eliminate the manual effort from their brand awareness strategy.

Automatically capture disappearing Instagram stories 

Stories remain available in Long Drink’s Archive library even after their 24-hour lifespan on Instagram ends.

AI-powered search to find relevant content instantly 

Ilana uses Super Search to quickly find the perfect UGC for any campaigns she’s planning that month.

Ensure brand safety with transparent usage rights

Alcohol brands face tons of red tape, so Long Drink relies on the paper trail proving they have permission to repost.

Eliminate content gatekeeping with shareable links

Ilana can share collections with leadership, partners, or sales teams in a few clicks instead of pasting screenshots into Powerpoint.

The Results

Long Drink runs social media campaigns and events all year long. Whether they’re sorting through 300 tagged posts from Lollapalooza or running a giveaway with a celebrity partner, Archive makes everything from picking a winner to sending out prizes as easy as it gets.

  • 30 hrs/month saved: That frees up the team to prioritize high-value tasks and projects.
  • 2x mentions: Archive has made it possible to run more campaigns and generate more UGC.
  • 0 local file storage: “Archive single-handedly saved all my iPhone storage from screenshots.” 
  • 100% weekends free: Ilana can unplug and still capture every mention while she’s away.

Archive reports also help shape Long Drink’s business strategy. Ilana tracks and analyzes each campaign’s results, so she can turn her focus to expanding the initiatives that drive millions of impressions and deliver great EMV.

“When I first started using Archive, I was like, wow, I wish I had this tool back in the day, because it would have really saved me a lot of anxiety. The time it saves me is huge.”