How Immi saves 80 hrs/week on UGC management with Archive

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Kevin Lee
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About Immi

While living in Silicon Valley, Immi co-founders Kevin Lee and Kevin Chanthasiriphan ate tons of ramen. But it was nothing like the tasty and healthy noodles they grew up eating in Taiwan and Thailand. That’s how they had the idea to develop a better ramen product that is delicious and good for you at the same time. 

Immi went viral pretty much immediately, but all that UGC was slipping through the brand’s fingers. So they set out to find a UGC tool that could automate content capture and social listening.

The Challenge

The more popular Immi got, the more UGC poured in. But finding, capturing, and sorting through all that content was a nightmare. Every day, Immi’s social media manager had to spend countless hours manually monitoring and tracking the brand’s UGC:

  • Scroll Instagram/TikTok looking for tagged posts
  • Screenshot/screen record each individual post
  • Update a spreadsheet with the image/video files

Every time Immi wanted to turn any of that manually captured content into ad campaigns, they had to tell their agency partners to go check the spreadsheet. It was ineffective and felt unprofessional.

Immi was so overwhelmed, Kevin realized he was going to have to hire two full-time employees to monitor their tagged UGC. Hiring people just to scroll social media all day long? There had to be a better way.

The Solution

Now, Archive automatically captures every Instagram reel, story, feed post and TikTok video that Immi is tagged in. 

“Archive is a lifesaver. I opened the app and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is mind-blowing.’”

When the Immi team falls in love with a piece of UGC, it’s easy to turn that content into an ad campaign. First they request usage rights directly within Archive, and they can even offer the creator a cash gift to incentivize approval. 

Once the creator grants usage rights, Immi can securely share content with their creative agencies in just a few clicks. Collaborators don’t even need an Archive account to view and download the shared content.

The Results

What used to take days, Immi can now do in minutes. Archive saved the Immi team about 80 hours/week and helped them avoid hiring people to scroll social media all day. 

Now that everything is automated with Archive, UGC management is a one-person job again. Immi’s social media manager can focus his efforts and expertise on high-value tasks and programs that benefit the brand.

He can see every piece of tagged content, even if it was posted overnight or on weekends. He can also track hashtags or individual creators, so content appears in Immi’s library even if someone forgets to tag them.

At the end of the day, Archive isn’t just a community marketing powerhouse, it’s also a morale-booster. Now anyone at Immi can watch the community rave about their ramen anytime.

“Our team loves looking at Archive. I wanted to keep it a secret because it gives us such a competitive advantage.”