Is manual reporting
causing you stress?

Archive doesn’t just collect all your tagged UGC, we also track influencers and all their metrics. Now you can see exactly how your programs are doing.

Pull beautiful reports instantly

Content Count

Amount of UGC across Instagram and TikTok, including frequency. Frequency estimates how much content each Social Profile posts.


Total number of likes, comments, and shares your content has received.


Impressions represent the actual number of views for IG Reels and TikToks, and estimated views for IG Stories.

Social Profiles Activity by Post Date

Total social profiles that posted in this period.

Our industry-leading tech captures 40% more UGC

Messy spreadsheets
Other platforms
Instagram Coverage
Do you work on weekends?
70% (if you’re lucky)
TikTok Coverage
Have you reached the
end of your FYP yet?
Time spent saving posts manually
Generating campaign reports…
Is fast & easy
Depends on your
finance background
Is slow & manual
Find creators to track
Archive finds them for you.
Endlessly searching, capturing, screenshotting, recording data…
Sounds pretty tedious and boring.
You find influencers manually, add them to a list, upload the list, hope they’re in the system, add them manually if not, and end up building another company’s database for them…
Grin misses ~30% of our influencer content. Whenever Grin misses influencer content we go to Archive to see if they’ve posted.

Alia Crook

Influencer Marketing Manager @ Lovevery

Archive gives us more accurate data to show the growth we create for our clients. It gives us a clear source of truth for their UGC.

Alex Ashton

Co-founder & COO at Agency Eight

We’ve used Grin, Aspire, MightyScout, etc., but Archive is our clear favorite so far. Archive is the most reliable and accurate — we can count on Archive to capture the content since Archive is grabbing every brand mention

Marissa Vogelsang

Account Manager @ Aligned Growth (Hexclad’s agency)

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