Easily organize your UGC to find what you need faster

Add personalized labels to Social Profiles so you can organize and manage your community based on their interests, engagement, or any other criteria.
How Labels work

Effortless community management

Bulk CSV uploading

Upload pre-labeled Social Profiles

Have tons of Social Profiles and labels to manage? No stress. Label multiple Social Profiles at the same time by uploading a CSV file; every time they post about your brand, all your labels will show up automatically.
Great flexibility

Label individual Social Profiles

Add labels to any Social Profile and all of their content saved in your library will be automatically tagged. Manage your community, build relationships with creators, and find the perfect UGC faster.
Powerful filters

Filter by Labels

Add Labels based on any criteria you can dream of, then use filters to sort by specific labels and streamline your library search. Combine multiple filters to hone in on the perfect piece of content whenever you need it.

Archive is a game-changer!
This has been such a helpful tool for staying connected with our community and sourcing UGC. It saves us time, is easy to use, and gives valuable insights!

Gloria Rodriguez

Manage your community with less effort In less time

Identify high value creators

Find and invest in lucrative opportunities by tagging your most active (and most followed) Social Profiles.

Attract brand ambassadors

Develop meaningful relationships with the most engaged and aligned Social Profiles in your community.

Manage collaborators & affiliates

Easily track active collabs and sponsored content by tagging the Social Profiles you’re currently working with.

Track campaign performance

Analyze and compare KPIs across specific brand campaigns, product launches, new releases, etc.

Distinguish business verticals

Deepen your strategy by segmenting UGC from different product collections or distinct lines of business.

Avoid social media incidents

Monitor Social Profiles receiving negative publicity or involved in scandals to protect your brand’s reputation.

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