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Archive already saves thousands of your brand’s tagged posts, stories, and videos. Now with Super Search, find a needle in your UGC haystack quicker than you can say “social media manager.”

The AI search engine for your UGC

Your team used to spend hundreds of hours scrolling through tagged posts to find the perfect piece of content. We built Super Search so you can leverage the best in AI tech to find any piece of UGC — instantly.
Instant results

Type in anything, get results in seconds

Think about the content you want. Type it out in single words or full phrases. Then let Super Search do the rest. Our AI understands human language, so you can search for just about anything: “happy child unboxing a toy,” “woman in a green t-shirt holding a spoon,”  or anything else you can dream up.
Image search

Search by image to find your next winning ad creative

Looking for UGC with a specific brand logo or product image? Wishing you could find more content just like your top-performing creative? Upload any image reference, and Super Search will analyze countless visual components to instantly find the UGC that matches most closely.
Flexible results

See more of the UGC you like in two clicks

If you stumble upon the perfect piece of UGC, find more just like it in a heartbeat. Click once, click twice, and Super Search will surface all the similar content in your library so you can stay on trend and make more of the campaigns you already know work.
Used and trusted by 50,000 brands

I feel like I tell you guys all the time how happy I am with the platform. And the new search feature is like literally saving my life on a day to day basis.

Ilana Shektman
Digital Brand Manager at The Finnish Long Drink

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