How Grüns Manages 650+ Influencers In 1 Hour/Week with Archive

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Chad Janis
Wellness and Fitness Services

About Grüns

Grüns makes a delicious grab-and-go nutritional gummy packed with dozens of vital supplements. Their gifting program inspires tons of amazing content, but they needed an automated, easy way to take that UGC over the finish line. 

That’s when Grüns Founder Chad Janis set out to find an automated influencer marketing solution that could pick up where his gifting program left off.

The Challenge

Grüns activates influencers and generates UGC through a robust automated gifting pipeline. They spend about 2 hours per week reaching out to 500 TikTok and Instagram influencers and 150 YouTube influencers.

But their gifting program only worked up to the moment that creators actually publish their content. Turning UGC into edited ads was a slow and messy manual process. Grüns had content flooding in, but they needed a more streamlined way to collect, manage, and repurpose it all.

The Solution

Straight out of the gate, Grüns used saved library views to design a completely custom workflow. Each view uses a combination of filters, labels, and collections to isolate content at specific stages of the pipeline

  • Need to Request: This is UGC created by influencers Grüns hasn’t worked with yet, so they reach out to request global usage rights.
  • Approved for Social Use: Once influencers grant usage rights, the Grüns team picks their favorites from this greenlit UGC.
  • To Download for Editing: Grüns’ video editors come here to find content that’s ready to be transformed into polished campaigns.

Everyone on the team knows exactly which view they need to check to keep the pipeline flowing and nurture UGC from freshly posted to fully edited.

The Results

Just four months after launching to the world, Grüns had already collected 1,500 UGC assets in Archive. Chad and his team spend about an hour a week managing their entire content pipeline.

“Without Archive, that would be an absolute terror to try and keep track of. It literally couldn't be more streamlined.”

Archive also opens the door to new and deeper creator partnerships for Grüns. Chad uses Archive to organize hundreds of potential partners and quickly identify serious creators that are aligned with the brand, all while keeping each interaction highly personal.

No solution does what Archive does. Regardless of how people solve the seeding problem, in the end, every solution points to Archive. If you want to do a good job managing the results of all that hard work, Archive is the solution, hands down, period, that everyone needs to slot into their process.”