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Unlocking the Power of Instagram Free Likes: Boost Your Engagement and Reach

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July 26, 2023
Instagram likes are an excellent indicator that your marketing campaign is successful. Learn how to get Instagram free likes effectively here.

An Instagram like is a sign of approval from other users. It shows that other people enjoyed the content you published. That is why people are obsessed with the number of likes on their posts.

Likes are also crucial for businesses, indicating that their content has reached their target audience. They also help your brand gain more recognition on the platform. And they have become a metric for determining the success of your marketing campaign.

For that reason, businesses are searching for ways to increase their Instagram followers and likes. Some are even spending a lot to buy likes.

Fortunately, some apps and sites can help you get more Insta likes for free. These are helpful for small businesses that have just started their social media marketing and want to increase their engagement.

If you are creating your marketing strategy on Instagram, it is essential to understand the significance of likes for your campaign and learn how to acquire them for free.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram likes indicate that your posts work and reach your target audience.
  • Some apps can help you boost your Instagram likes for free.
  • Plenty of strategies can help you get likes on Instagram and increase your brand awareness without buying likes.

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Why Instagram Likes Matter

Although Instagram has announced that Facebook and Instagram users can hide their like counts, likes are still crucial for your marketing campaign.

The Instagram algorithm shows posts with high engagement to more Instagram users. Hidden or not, Instagram likes help your brand grow.

Boost credibility

Likes on Instagram help your brand gain trust and increase credibility. When users like or comment on your post, their followers may see it and try to check your profile. This action generates organic traffic and improves your brand's reputation.

Furthermore, when people see your posts have many likes, they will start viewing you as a credible brand. If plenty of users like your post, your content may be good, entertaining, or helpful for them. They may also share your post, boosting your Instagram views, likes, and comments.

Expand your reach

A significant number of Instagram likes can put you in the good books of Instagram's algorithm. This exposure will help expand your reach as more users can see your post or story.

The Instagram algorithm monitors users' interactions to understand what content they want to see more. Instagram will show them relevant content from the posts they like, comment on, and share.

Therefore, when your posts have a high number of likes, Instagram will show them to more people. You will reach more audiences, and you will boost your engagement.

Determine what works and what doesn't

You can figure out if your posts work through Instagram likes. A high number means that many people find your post helpful or entertaining.

This number indicates what type of content your target audience prefers. It can also help you re-evaluate your strategy and establish a more effective tactic for your campaign.

Help you save money

Businesses pay for an Instagram ad to market their product to a broader audience. They set a budget for it, as it costs a lot.

Instagram likes increase your brand awareness and promote your products for free. You don't have to spend on ads to market your products or brand. It won't cost much even if you buy Instagram likes to increase your engagement.

Help you stand out

Instagram has billions of active users worldwide, which makes it one of the biggest social media platforms. And there are over 200 million business profiles, so it can be challenging to stand out. Even if you narrow it down to your location, there are still a lot of competitors.

A significant number of likes will help you get ahead of the competition and stand out. Your posts appear on the Explore page along with top brands that have high engagement.

Keep you motivated

As an Instagram creator, you know how having people like and follow your page feels. Instagram likes can inspire you to keep creating and posting engaging content.

How To Get Free Likes on Instagram

Image by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

There are different tactics to get more Instagram likes for free. Here are some tips to boost your Insta likes and engagement.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are excellent tools to help your post reach more users and generate more likes. As an Instagram creator, you know that you must not neglect hashtags.

When you use a hashtag, your content will appear on the page for that hashtag. And people who follow the hashtags you use can also see your posts. This tactic will make it easier for Instagram users to find you and your content.

Make a reel

Instagram Reels have become popular as people prefer to watch short, entertaining videos. They take over the platform and have a higher engagement rate than the usual posts.

Create engaging reels that feature your products. Instagram Reels are also an excellent way to communicate with your audience by answering frequently asked questions or giving them advice.

Post UGC content

User-generated content (UGC) helps establish a stronger relationship with your audience. Satisfied consumers usually share their experience with your business by posting content featuring your brand or product. 

Potential customers trust content made by real people more than that created by the brand. This also encourages other Instagram users to post photos or videos of your products and tag your brand.

UGC content also attracts other users to your brand and boosts engagement to your posts.

Post eye-catching photos

The most fundamental way to get more high-quality likes is to post attractive photos. Post high-quality, engaging, and well-composed images that can be shared.

Make use of natural light to create appealing photos. Also, consider the angle. Take pictures from different angles and points of view to provide a fresh perspective.

Include layers on your photos using objects and patterns in the background. This design element will add depth to your images and make them more attractive.

Pro Tip: Use tools like Canva, VistaCreate, and Adobe Express to create captivating social media posts for your Instagram account. These apps have free templates to create content for your social media platforms.

Run a contest

People love to join competitions on Instagram and get free stuff. A like-to-win game is an excellent way to gain new followers and real likes.

Users will like your Instagram post and more likely tag their friends and share it to win free products from your brand. Many businesses and influencers have used this strategy to boost engagement and grow their community.

Apps To Get Likes on Instagram

It takes time and effort to have many followers and likes on Instagram. Fortunately, there are apps you can use to get free Instagram likes. Some apps offer free Instagram likes service, while others offer paid versions. Try their trial service for a limited time — you might find they’re worth the expense on your credit card.


Like4Like is an excellent app that gathers Instagram users and has them like each other's posts. You must use a real Instagram account to enter, as it doesn't allow fake profiles.

Aside from getting likes from other Instagram users, several businesses and creators use this app to buy likes. It is available on Android phones, Windows, Apple OS, and as a Google extension.

Real Followers

Real Followers doesn't only work for Instagram but also for Facebook and Twitter accounts. To help you increase your Insta likes, the app chooses the most appropriate hashtags for your posts so that more users can see your content.

Aside from free Instagram followers and likes, it also has post-production services that enable you to improve your photos to get more likes.

Grow Social

Grow Social is an excellent app for managing your Instagram account and getting automatic likes. It also allows you to follow specific profiles relevant to your business.

This app has a calendar that enables you to schedule your Stories and posts. You can also send automatic messages to your new followers using the app.


Likulator is one of the best apps to get Instagram likes if you have a public Instagram profile. It works differently from other apps to get Insta likes.

This app offers coins when you like other people's posts and watch ads. These coins can be used to gain followers and likes. It also gives you hashtags for your posts to help increase your IG likes and brand awareness.


LikeBooser improves the quality of your posts and increases engagement by analyzing your photos and suggesting the best hashtags. The main goal of this app is to help you boost your account visibility by increasing your likes and followers.

Its Chrome extension has a “Liking” option that automatically likes other Instagram users' accounts. For every like it gives a post, you get free credit.

Boost Your Instagram Likes for Free

Brands must pay attention to Instagram likes so their businesses will grow. Whether you hide your like count, it is still crucial for your campaign. Likes boost your credibility, expand your reach, and help you stand out. The right strategy will help you get more likes and engagement. So feel free to try different tactics and determine what works to establish a more effective campaign.

Getting more likes on Instagram and other social media platforms is crucial in any business marketing campaign. Visit Archive to learn how to boost your social media marketing strategy using UGC content.

FAQs on Getting Instagram Free Likes

Is collaborating with an influencer effective in boosting Instagram likes?

Yes. Collaborating with influencers is an excellent way to increase engagement, including likes. Influencers have many followers who like, comment, and share their posts. Working with them helps drive more traffic to your Instagram account, which may result in increased exposure and reach.

Is getting more likes better than getting more views on Instagram?

Getting more likes is better than getting more views on Instagram, as it indicates that other users appreciate your content and show support. As a creator, you should aim for more likes than views.

What type of content gets more engagement on Instagram?

For businesses on Instagram, product photos get the most engagement. So you must take high-quality images that feature your products. Use good lighting and a clean background so your products stand out.

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