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Spy on your competitors’ influencer programs

Published on
June 11, 2024
Competitor Insights is the first tool in the world that shows you every influencer top brands are working with and lets you analyze and learn from their program performance.

Polished, highly produced, perfectly edited videos are just the tip of the influencer iceberg. Beneath the surface, influencer marketing is a cutthroat game. 

In every industry, some brands are killing it (and making a killing too). Everyone wants to learn from them, but the keys to their success are usually closely guarded secrets.

Not anymore. 

Competitor Insights lets you spy on any competitor’s influencer program to find out exactly what makes it tick. 

Benchmark your performance against top brands in your industry, source influencers from their communities, and get content inspiration to finetune your program strategy.

Ready to take a page out of your competition’s playbook to level up your own program? Let’s look under the hood.

Brands need to stay ahead of the curve

Archive is already the most reliable and accurate tool for capturing UGC. But brand execs kept telling us that since Archive had given them such a deep understanding of their own communities, they wanted to see how they were measuring up to competitors.

They wanted to see what was working (and not working) for other brands so they could adapt quickly, but they were flying blind. They were worried about:

  • Leaving revenue on the table
  • Missing out on growth opportunities
  • Allocating budgets inefficiently
  • Flushing away marketing spend on maybes

Challenge accepted. We got to work building the competitor analysis tool you’ve all been waiting for.

Never miss another story

Stay ahead of the game with Archive. Automatically capture every Instagram Story, Feed Post, Reel, and TikTok Video your brand is tagged in.

Don’t hate the player, learn from them

You already trust Archive to capture all the UGC your brand is tagged in — Competitor Insights puts that tech to work for any brand you want to keep tabs on.

Just tell us which brands you want to track, and we’ll load them into your Competitor Insights dashboard. It’s like having an Archive workspace dedicated to tracking your competition.

See who they’re working with. See what they’re posting. See how it’s doing.

It’s the simplest and most powerful way to poach top-performing influencers, sharpen your content strategies, and bridge the gap between your brand and your competition.

Take a look:

See an overview of any brand’s influencer program
Assess any brand’s top-performing content
Evaluate any brand’s top-performing influencers
See all the top brands that influencer has tagged
Scroll through one influencer’s content for that brand

Our competitor analysis beats the competition

About now, you’re probably wondering how Archive’s Competitor Insights tool measures up to our competitors. Other influencer platforms understand the importance of competitor monitoring for brands, but no one does what we can do.

The truth is, Competitor Insights is the first of its kind. We capture every piece of content a brand is tagged in (plus data about who posted it and how it performs) to give you the full picture of that brand’s influencer program.

Other platforms ignore everyday customers to focus on big influencers. Some only measure content the brand posts from its own accounts. Some don’t collect competitor content at all. You’re looking at the Mona Lisa through a pinhole.

Competitor Insights captures 5x more content and more accurate data than the next best platform. All so you can source the best influencers, get content inspiration for your next campaign, and build an influencer strategy that catapults you to the top.

Want to see Competitor Insights in action? You can start tracking brands and benchmarking your biggest competition right now.

Book a call with our team and we’ll get you set up with a free trial of Competitor Insights you can use immediately.

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