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Make your best UGC shoppable right on your website

Published on
April 24, 2024
Shoppable UGC Feeds let your customers check social media without ever switching apps. Then all it takes is one click to add to cart or check out from the UGC itself.

POV: Your e-commerce website is beautiful. You’re pulling in traffic, shoppers are adding products to their carts. Then they open Instagram and TikTok to check what real people have to say about your brand. 

That sale is dead in the water. They’re sucked into their phones and have moved on to 12 other things. Maybe they’ll come back to complete their purchase, if you’re lucky. 

But why leave sales to chance? 

Shoppable UGC Feeds make it easy to display your best Instagram reels, stories, and TikTok videos front and center on your website. 

Show your customers short-form video UGC right there while they shop. Improve conversion. Increase revenue. All without writing a single line of code.

Put shoppable video across your site in minutes

Shoppable UGC Feeds works because Archive automatically captures all your brand’s tagged UGC. That’s how we turn all your content into a major sales tool. 

Let’s say you want to increase conversion on the PDP for a product you just launched. 

  1. Add your favorite UGC about that product to a collection.
  2. Customize the feed’s design to look great on any page.
  3. Publish straight to your Shopify store or website in seconds.

Shoppable UGC Feeds let your customers check social media without ever switching apps. Then all it takes is one click to add to cart or check out from the UGC itself.

Never miss another story

Stay ahead of the game with Archive. Automatically capture every Instagram Story, Feed Post, Reel, and TikTok Video your brand is tagged in.

Archive’s AI tools take shoppable video even further

There are a million reasons social proof is make-or-break for customers. Shoppable UGC Feeds use social proof to set expectations and help customers envision your products in their lives. They also build trust in your brand and give shoppers the validation they crave.

Here are some of the AI tools we’ve built to help you do it better:

Smart Ordering: Our AI is constantly testing your UGC’s performance in the feed. It automatically displays your best content first so that you’re always optimizing, without any extra effort.

Super Search: Looking for content to add to your Shoppable UGC Feed collection? Our AI-powered search tool can find your best tagged posts instantly based on full sentences, similar images, or general vibes.

A/B test Shoppable UGC Feeds on your website now

At Archive, we’re all about AI-ifying to make influencer marketers’ lives easier. We want to help you run your programs with less stress, more freedom, and better results. 

We also want to make you a marketing hero. No one likes gatekeeping… least of all the gatekeeper! 

With Archive automatically collecting content for you, it’s easy to give your paid social manager, VP of e-commerce, or anyone else on your team access to the awesome UGC they need, when they need it.

Together, you can turn your best short-form video into the shoppable social proof that your consumers crave. Shoppable UGC Feeds improve conversion and increase revenue — and you never write a single line of code.

Already an Archive user? You can A/B test Shoppable UGC Feeds on your website right now. Get started and measure your results here.

Not using Archive yet? It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. You’ll be able to A/B test your own Shoppable UGC Feeds right away. Sign up for Archive now.

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