We power innovative brands, retailers, and e-commerce that are creating amazing digital buying experiences for their customers with our API and Community Data Layer.

Archive automates away the annoying parts of community management and digital marketing operations. With Archive API and Community Data Layer, we’ll get you all your community data and the tools to turn that data into action.

Product Details

Community Data & CDP/CRM Integrations:

Your community member content, audience, and engagement are automatically captured and updated in real-time. This state is managed by Archive and can be merged into and managed with your existing CDP and CRM solution, including Shopify and Klayviyo.
Understand who are your most active community members, create a personalized 1:1 relationship with them, turn them into affiliates, whitelist partners, or paid content creators, and enable a direct payment/credit relationship with them.

Events and Event Triggers:

Community events are customer’s actions on major social platforms.

Community events include people creating a product unboxing video via Instagram Stories, an affiliate creator creating a TikTok product meme, and a fan tagging your brand in an Instagram or TikTok comment.

Community events are detected in real-time, and our software analyzes and estimates the distribution, view count, and engagement of all such events across all social platforms.
Archive API supports a number of event triggers and enables some powerful community loops including:
  1. Rewarding community members who post an unboxing video or a product video with an ACH, Paypal, or $cashtag reward. Rewards can be dynamically scaled on engagement, views, and estimated impact.
  2. Text a thank you message to a customer when they post a Story about your product or brand.
  3. Giveaway promotions management — detect hashtags or posts for entries, and manage these promotions and facilitate winners and communications.
  4. Automatically re-share positive community IG Stories to your own brand’s IG Stories feed. Never leave a community member feel unloved and maximize the social proof of successful happy customer experiences.
  5. Trigger “randomized” rewards e.g. 20% to trigger a payment or credit upon each qualified event to teach community members to constantly talk about your brand.
  6. Trigger automated IG or TT comments from your brand account on your community member positive IG Stories, IG Reels, and IG Feed, and TT posts.
  7. Write your own custom event triggers. Our API can power any community workflow your product manager can imagine and will save implementation and maintenance time and energy for your engineers.

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