Archive API: A GraphQL API for your Community CDP

Archive API allows you to access enriched details about your community. The Archive Community is representative of the social profiles that are captured and tracked through an Archive Community CDP.

This detailed information ranges from profile information to post engagement metrics. This data has been used for enriching ambassador/loyalty programs, automating marketing flows, and performance measurement.

Community Member Profile Information

Community Member Profile Information fields that are accessible include account name, follower count, following count, verified status, and more. These fields are under Creator.

Understand who are your most active community members, create a personalized 1:1 relationship with them, turn them into affiliates, whitelist partners, or paid content creators, and enable a direct payment/credit relationship with them.

Community Member refers to creators, influencers, customers, and anyone talking about your brand across social.

Content Details

Content Details has an extensive list of fields that allow you to understand the media better. These media attributes include platform, format type, media size, time of posting, hashtags, captions, mentions, and usage rights status. These fields are under MediaItem and MediaContent.

Content Engagement

Fields related to Content Engagement include comment counts, like count, view count, and a timestamp for when those metrics were last captured. These fields are under MediaItemEngagement.


Archive API also offers triggers via webhooks for the majority of community events including Instagram Stories posted and TikTok comments. These fields are under WebhookSubscription.

Supported Platforms

  • Instagram Reels, Stories, and Feed Posts
  • TikTok Videos and Stories (beta)

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