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How to Create Powerful UGC on TikTok for Your Campaign

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July 2, 2022
Learn how to create powerful UGC on TikTok by leveraging the app’s trends. Also, discover how to successfully integrate them into your content here.

In 2021, TikTok reached a monthly active user (MAU) count of one billion, 45 percent higher than its users the year before. The figure highlights the growing popularity of the social media platform today.

One factor contributing to the site’s growth is the amount of user-generated content (UGC) in the app. Businesses are taking advantage of TikTok’s popularity to use UGC to increase conversion rates and raise brand awareness.

How Does UGC Work on TikTok?

UGC refers to any content created by contributors on social media sites like TikTok. It can be similar to word-of-mouth marketing in advertising, where users are encouraged to tell their brand experiences with others.

UGC allows customers to help brands earn the social proof they need to connect with more demanding audiences. People who produce UGC are not necessarily paid by brands to upload their content. They share posts, images, or videos because they are satisfied with a brand's products or services and want the public to know about it.

UGC marketing works because people are more inclined to trust real people than institutions. Regular customers are now wary of high-paid celebrities or branded content. Instead, they would be more likely to listen to the recommendation of other people like them.

With the rise of social media platforms, UGC advertising has become something that marketers are now investing time and money in.

For instance, TikTok UGC marketing is now a popular marketing strategy. It involves using content that will give the audience a sense of trust and desire. It also relies on the fear of missing out (FOMO) elements while promoting the development of tight-knit online communities.

These are why UGC content on TikTok can be effective in building brand awareness and driving conversions.

The three most compelling UGC that works on the video-sharing site include:

  • Challenges - To get content from challenges, brands ask TikTok users to join a challenge using their products as props.
  • Contests - Brands hold TikTok competitions that help content creators stand out and win something they have wanted for a long time, like more followers or other prizes.
  • How-to videos - These are short looping videos that create desire and demonstrate how products work.

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How To Use UGC for Tiktok Marketing

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with over 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store. If you want to take advantage of the app’s popularity, here are simple ways to use user-generated content for marketing your products and services on the site.


Holding a contest can be an effective way to create a supply of UGC for your brand. Given TitkTok’s viral nature, a giveaway can help boost engagement on your videos, which will help you reach more new people organically.

You have to set a goal for your contest and choose a prize that you think your audience will want. Write up rules and guidelines and invite your followers to create UGC videos under a branded hashtag. The user with the most popular or interesting submission wins the contest and gets the prize.


Hashtags can be good for building awareness for a new product. Using a branded hashtag to excite consumers about a new offering will encourage them to engage with your brand to ensure they do not miss out on the launch.


TikTok challenges can also be effective in showing how users interact with a brand’s product. They can also create a new supply of UGC for a business.

Satisfied customers will gladly share their buying experiences online, encouraging more people to try your products. The challenges bring various user experiences together, letting your brand ambassadors connect with like-minded individuals.


You can also tap TikTok influencers to lead your UGC campaigns. Popular content creators on social media have passionate fans who support them. Getting these supporters to join your campaign will help you reach highly engaged audiences.

When the influencer posts their content participating in your challenge, the followers are encouraged to do the same, generating massive brand awareness.


TikTok duet is a feature that allows people to build on another user's video by recording their own content alongside the original. Using the feature can be an excellent way to let your subscribers make new videos using existing content.

Today, the most popular TikTok duets are with influencers. So before you try the feature, you need to look for a content creator with a massive following and ask them to design a duet. Then, you can invite fans to join and share their own versions of the video.

Image source: unsplash.com

Effective Tips to Encourage Your Audience to Create UGC

Collecting UGC and choosing which content to use is only a part of consumer-generated media marketing. To help you succeed in your campaign, you can try the simple tips below to encourage your target audience to produce more brand-related content.

Work With a TikTok Influencer

You can encourage your audience to create brand-related content by investing in TikTok influencer marketing ads. While TikTok ads and video ads may be a little pricey, it allows e-commerce businesses to partner with creators on the app to share sponsored content.

For instance, by collaborating with high-profile TikTok creators, British fitness brand Gymshark was able to get 250 million views under its #Gymshark66 campaign.

Announce What Content You Want

One of the greatest things about using UGC content is the chance to inspire others to create new media. When developing your social media campaign, think about how you want to get your audience more involved.

You can try asking a question, using a photo or TikTok video as a callout, or creating a social competition they can join. Whatever it is, it starts a cycle of content generation, saving you the time and expense of pricey professional shoots.

Create a Relatable User

Businesses create a persona that their audience can relate to in order to encourage more new users to participate in activities. When your followers start to adopt your brand’s values, you create a community built on like-minded individuals.

Building a community can help businesses connect with their audience while establishing a loyal consumer base. This move can be the best way to advertise without appearing too fake or commercial.

Brands can engage with active users by commenting on and reposting videos related to their products or services.

Offer Great Product

It is essential for a brand to know when something is not going to work and decide to move on. If you know your product’s future is not remarkable, choose to change strategies immediately. This way, you are not wasting time and resources investing in a dying product.

A great product is a must if you want your UGC campaign to work. Your audience will gladly interact with your content when you offer something useful and of value. They will even show your offerings to their friends and community.

Did You Know? “TikTok UGC outperforms other ad formats in driving attention on mobile devices. Therefore, modern brands should invest in more authentic storytelling marketing principles and develop creative ways to engage with creators and followers.”

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TikTok UGC, when used correctly, can open up new opportunities for modern brands today. UGC content can help you promote your brand values and goals without spending too much time and money to create your own high-quality content.

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FAQs about UGC Tiktok

What are the different types of UGC?

There are several types of UGC. The most popular include social media content, reviews, testimonials, blog posts, case studies, video content, and question and answer forums.

Is UGC paid?

In its most basic and organic form, UGC should be free. Meaning it is a genuine recommendation shared by your followers and supporters of your product.

Does UGC increase engagement?

Using UGC comes with several benefits, including increased engagement, faster content production, and more social media reach and growth.

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