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Archive Raises $4M Led by Stripe

Published on
November 3, 2021
We are announcing a new $4MM seed round to pioneer community marketing for e-commerce.

We are announcing a new $4MM seed round to pioneer community marketing for e-commerce.

The new funding round was led by Stripe, a leading internet commerce company, and joined by Lux Capital, Sugar Capital, Anti Fund (Jake Paul), Eric Glyman (Ramp CEO), Karim Atiyeh (Ramp CTO), Brian Long (Attentive CEO), Andrew Jones (Attentive CPO), Qasar Younis (Applied Intuition CEO), Clement Delangue (Hugging Face CEO), Michael Brandt (H.V.M.N. CEO), Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz (Magic Spoon co-CEOs), Justin Mares (Kettle & Fire CEO), Sam Corcos (Levels CEO), JD Ross (Atomic GP & Royals President), John Curtius (Tiger Global), and other e-commerce & marketing technology founders and executives.

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Our Story

We founded Archive in March 2021 to solve our own problems as digital marketers.

We've been customers of all the different platforms as merchants, and we found that the services mostly operate in silos and don't inter-operate well. Also, since Apple banned the Facebook tracking pixel with iOS 14 in recent months, a lot of brands' paid social media advertising programs have become exorbitantly inefficient.

Over the past year, we've seen so many of these companies come to Archive to help make their marketing spend go further. We do this by helping them build in-house communities and harness the latent excitement and output of their communities.

We've taken the best ideas from influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, loyalty programs, community management, and crystallized them into two product axioms:

  1. much of a digital marketer's day-to-day work is manual, repetitive, and distributed across a myriad of different databases and distribution channels that didn't integrate well with each other, and more importantly
  2. traditional marketing is more towards "talking at you" whereas we believe that the future of marketing will be "building with you."

We're pioneering a new category of marketing we call "community marketing," and this category will be table stakes for any serious marketing effort in an increasingly crowded and noisy media environment.

Our Products

In addition to the fundraising announcement, we're now publicly unveiling our two products:

Archive Communities: is a software platform that enables brands to build and scale in-house communities. One of our customers is Four Sigmatic, and their Community Manager Elizabeth Jarrard says, "Archive helped us scale our influencer seeding exponentially."

Archive App: is the only Shopify App that automatically detects & saves Instagram posts, stories, and reels your brand gets tagged in. Oftentimes, hundreds of assets a day are created by a brand's top influencers and customers and all of that data and content is lost due to its ephemerality. Losing all of this community energy and creativity is massively wasteful.

Archive App currently supports 40+ companies in alpha with 200+ on a waitlist.

"Archive gives businesses an easy way to review and, more importantly, understand what their customers are actually saying—the north star for every smart company. We’re excited to invest in Archive and, in doing so, to help their users grow internet-enabled commerce.” says Chris Sperandio, Stripe's Corporate Development Lead.
Geoffrey Woo, Archive's cofounder and Chairman, says: "Community building is the new marketing."
Paul Benigeri, Archive's cofounder and CEO, says: "The problems we're solving are the exact same ones I faced running digital marketing at my previous job as a Head of Growth. We make software to streamline e-commerce marketing workflows & tedium, and want to make our solutions accessible to all digital marketers."

About Archive

Archive is a technology company that builds community marketing infrastructure and automation for e-commerce merchants. Businesses of every size—from new startups to household brands—use our software to make their digital marketing more cost-effective.

About Stripe

Stripe is a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Learn more at

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