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How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights

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June 11, 2022
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Social media platforms, such as Instagram, are the go-to marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are mostly free, easy to use, and accessible to millions worldwide.

Twelve years after its initial launch, Instagram is still extremely popular among marketers in 2022. It's currently the third most preferred social network by teenagers in the United States. And with a monthly user base of over two billion, there is great potential for businesses to grow their audience and customer base by using this image-sharing app.

Successful platform-based marketing strategies always involve making the most out of the available features. You may already be familiar with Instagram feed posts and stories, but have you maximized the use of Instagram Stories Highlights?

Instagram Stories Highlights: What Are They?

You may already be familiar with Instagram stories--the slideshow of photos and videos you share on your account that vanishes within 24 hours.

As the name suggests, Instagram Stories Highlights are like a highlights reel of your Instagram stories. You can pick and choose particular stories that you wish to share on your profile with no expiry.

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What Is an Instagram Story Highlight?

An Instagram Story Highlight is a story or collection of stories that you compile into an album on your Instagram profile. It is a curated selection of your past or present stories you can keep on display for as long as you'd like.

You can customize each highlight by adding a title and cover photo that encapsulates its contents. You can also rearrange the contents of your highlight to your desired sequence. As long as you have Instagram's auto-archiving feature turned on, you can have any pick of your old or new Instagram stories to feature on your main profile.

Where Are Instagram Stories Highlights Used?

Whenever someone browses your account, they can immediately see your Instagram highlights below your profile bio.

You can make as many Instagram highlights as you want, and they show up as separate stories or slide shows on your profile. This feature helps you show off different aspects of your personality, interests, or significant events in your life.

Aside from personal use, businesses can also tap into this feature to showcase strategic promotions and relevant information about their brand. Instagram bios can be pretty limiting, so your Instagram highlights can be an excellent way to introduce the business.

What's the Difference Between IG Stories and Highlights?

Instagram stories and IG stories highlights are closely related but not precisely the same.

Instagram stories are photos or videos you upload throughout your day that show up as a temporary slide show on your profile. Viewers can tap through each story or wait until the photo or video stops and moves on to the next.

Your stories also appear on the upper portion of your followers' Instagram feeds, updating as soon as you post a new story. After 24 hours, these stories will expire and will no longer be visible on your profile or anyone else's feed.

On the other hand, Instagram stories highlights are collections of previous or current stories you have. These highlights will remain displayed on your profile until you remove them manually.

You can create several highlights and fill each one with the stories of your choice. The app also lets you choose a cover photo and rearrange the contents as you see fit. Tapping on a highlight will allow you to view each story as a slide show, much like regular Instagram stories.

How to Create Instagram Stories Highlights

When Instagram launched its archiving feature in 2017, the Stories Highlights feature came with it. Creating Instagram Stories Highlights is pretty straightforward.

Many Instagram users create highlights to sort and show their memories, interests, or passions. Businesses also use this feature to promote their brand and communicate better with their followers. Here's how you can create your own Instagram highlights.

Step 1: Activate the Auto-Archiving Feature on Your Instagram Account

To create a new highlight, you need an archive of your previous or current Instagram stories.

Using the Instagram app, go to your profile. Tap on the settings icon, head to Privacy, then tap on Story. Scroll down until you find Save Story to archive. Toggle the switch to the right or until it turns blue and you've just enabled the auto-archiving feature for your account.

The archiving feature has become extremely useful, especially for Instagram content creators. It eliminates the need for physical storage since all your content would be on archive and not your device. You can go to your archive and repost any of your past content.

It also removes the anxiety of losing one's photo and video data, especially for content as ephemeral as Instagram stories. The Instagram archive allows users to curate their content better and make changes to their feed and stories with the security of a backup.

Step 2: Put Together Your Instagram Stories Highlights

Now that your archive has been enabled, you can start creating your Instagram Stories Highlights.

If you've only just turned on this feature, only the stories that you post afterward would be saved. Unfortunately, the stories you've posted before enabling auto-archiving will remain inaccessible.

To start, go to your profile and tap on the "+" button right below your profile bio or profile link, if you have one. This action will pull up all your archived stories so far. If you have any active stories, these will show up in your archive, and you can include them in your highlights.

Select the stories you wish to include in your Instagram highlight, and tap "Next."

Step 3: Select Your Instagram Highlights Cover Photo

After selecting the stories you want to include, the app will prompt you to come up with a title and select a cover image for your highlight. You can choose your cover image from the stories in the highlight or upload a photo from your camera roll.

Your Instagram highlights covers will be the first image that your profile visitors will see on your account's highlights section, so try choosing one that captures the eye and best represents your selection.

You can create unique story templates that use your brand colors through Photoshop, Canva, or another photo editor of your choice.

Tap "Add" to confirm, and you've just created an Instagram highlight!

How to Use Instagram Stories Highlights to Help Your Business

Instagram Stories Highlights are a fun alternative to spice up your personal account, but did you know that they can significantly benefit business accounts?

Your business may plan out strategies for your Instagram stories. Why not maximize the reach of your stories by using them in your profile highlights? This feature gives a lot more longevity to your Instagram stories, giving them a life that lasts a lot more than a measly 24 hours.

Below are some ways you could use Instagram stories highlights to improve your business's online presence:

Highlight Specific Services or Products

Does your brand have a new product line or service you want to promote? Instead of limiting your product or service mention to a post on your Instagram feed, you could extend its relevance on your profile by dedicating an Instagram highlight to it.

You could create a highlight that introduces the new product or service, including instructions on using it and its unique features and benefits. Aside from promotion, your highlight could also serve as an informative guide for prospective buyers.

Highlight Special Events

If you're hosting a special event soon, an Instagram highlight dedicated to it would be a great way to generate hype.

Posting stories of the entire process--from the planning, setting up, and up to the event itself--is a great way to engage your audiences and make them feel included in the activities and successes of your business. You can then immortalize the journey through Instagram highlights that anyone could come back to.

Highlight Customer Testimonials and Feedback

Aside from providing internal affirmation, positive customer testimonials and feedback are also great for marketing. According to a study by Zendesk, 90 percent of customers are influenced by positive customer feedback when making a purchase.

Highlighting customer feedback on your account lends more credibility to your brand, helping attract more customers and clients. This will also help you keep existing customers, as this act shows that your business appreciates and values customer opinions.

Highlight Stories Featuring Tutorials and How-Tos

Educational stories could also make great content for your Instagram Stories Highlights. Tutorials and how-to photos or videos are excellent resources for your customers.

These types of stories help you showcase the functionality and benefits of your products and services. They also help your audience see your products and services as a potential part of their lives.

For example, if your brand sells cleaning products, you could highlight how your customers could clean their homes with your brand. If you sell bags, show how many items you could fit inside or how customers can style and include them in their outfits.

Highlight Influencer Posts

Influencer marketing is currently an extremely popular and effective way to market your business. The global influencer marketing value has reached 13.8 billion USD, with Instagram as its leading platform.

If your brand has any influencer marketing partnerships, make the most out of their content by placing them in your Instagram highlights. Influencer marketing works because the audience sees an influencer as an authority, so being associated with the right influencer could help your brand grow.

Highlight Customer Produced Content

When customers are pleased with your product, some may create their own content or customer reviews featuring your brand. Aside from a sign of appreciation, this is also free advertising for your business.

You can show your appreciation for your customers by reposting their content to your highlights. Make sure to ask their permission beforehand, especially if you plan to use their content for ads. Doing this is also a great way to build good customer relationships.

Instagram stories highlights can be used in a multitude of ways that benefit your business. This feature can help increase brand visibility, generate interest in your target market, and boost your revenues.

Did you know? Your IG stories will disappear 24 hours after posting if you don't turn on archive feature of your Instagram account.

Get the Most Out of Your IG Stories With Instagram Stories Highlights and Archive

Social media marketing has come a long way, giving businesses a wealth of options for promoting their brand and building customer relationships. Instagram stories highlights are one of these options that could be significantly beneficial when leveraged appropriately.

Behind the success of every business is a strong community that got them there. In the age of social media, communities are creating vast amounts of quality content supporting the brands of their choice.

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Every time an Instagram user tags your brand in a post or story, Archive app notifies you and collects the user-generated content. You can then use this collection of content for your Instagram stories highlights and other marketing campaigns.

Aside from its unique features, Archive website also offers excellent social media marketing tips you can incorporate into your future strategies.

Archive can help and keep all your Instagram Stories and Highlights intact by downloading them easily and quickly!

FAQs on Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories Highlights

Can you edit or delete an Instagram Stories Highlight?

Yes, you can edit or delete any of your Instagram Stories Highlights. Just log into the Instagram app for iPhone or Android and go to your profile icon on the bottom right of your screen. Next, tap and hold the highlight you want to edit or delete, and then tap "Edit Highlight" or "Delete Highlight," respectively.

Can you see who viewed your Instagram Highlights?

Yes. If you added a story to your highlights within 24 hours of posting it, you can see the accounts that viewed your Instagram highlights. However, if you add an older story from your archive, you cannot see any of its new viewers.

Can you use Instagram Stories Highlights for other things besides promoting a business?

Yes. You can use Instagram highlights for several purposes. You can use it to commemorate life events, show off different parts of your personality, or share your knowledge about specific topics. Practically anything can be included in your highlights, as long as they are in your Instagram stories archive.

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