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Imagine If ChatGPT Watched All Your Tagged Content For You

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March 28, 2024
ArchiveGPT has watched all of your UGC so it’s ready with customer insights, content ideas, and campaign analysis. Get answers instantly from AI that knows your brand, your audience, and your content.

At Archive, we’re all about building AI to make influencer marketers’ lives easier. We want to get you back to the things you love and are good at. The ones that got you into influencer marketing in the first place. 

You know, before that homemade spreadsheet swallowed up your soul. 

That’s why we built ArchiveGPT. Ever wish you could ask ChatGPT what consumers are saying, thinking, and feeling about your brand right now? Now you can.

ArchiveGPT knows your UGC inside and out, because it’s already watched all your content. That’s how it can serve up any customer insight or creative idea you need.

Intrigued? Let's dive a little deeper.

Generic AI tools don’t cut it for brands

AI is everywhere. But all those AI assistants need a ton of input before they can actually be useful to your brand. You have to teach them about who you are and what you do, introduce them to your industry, and explain your products.

On top of that, generic AI tools are seriously limited. They can only access a tiny amount of generalized data. And even the latest and greatest apps are working with out-of-date information. 

What good is social media data from 2023 when you’re trying to understand how the campaign you launched this week is resonating?

AI that knows your customers & products

You don’t have time to review thousands of videos. But Archive GPT does. In fact, it already has. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Archive automatically collects all your tagged UGC.
  2. ArchiveGPT watches and understands all that content.
  3. Ask ArchiveGPT a question to get insights and ideas.

Simple as that. 

The more content pours into your Archive library, the more ArchiveGPT has to work with. It understands post-level data about every piece of UGC, so it knows exactly who’s posting about your brand.

ArchiveGPT also studies the transcripts of all your short-form video UGC. So beyond identifying your biggest influencers or measuring all the posts from your latest campaign, it knows exactly what people are saying and how they feel.

All so you can ask ArchiveGPT anything

On top of giving ArchiveGPT access to all of your tagged UGC, we also teach it about your brand — who you are, what you’re all about, and what products you sell. Those details are important, because they let ArchiveGPT make sense of all the buzz you’re generating.

Sentiment analysis that stops at a binary positive/negative judgment doesn’t get you very far. ArchiveGPT is already in your customers’ heads.

ArchiveGPT can even replicate how people talk about your company, in your actual customer voice. It can identify the words they use to describe your brand or distinguish the specific things they like and don’t like about your latest product launch.

Never miss another story

Stay ahead of the game with Archive. Automatically capture every Instagram Story, Feed Post, Reel, and TikTok Video your brand is tagged in.

See how other influencer marketers use ArchiveGPT

Here are some ways Archive users are already using ArchiveGPT:

ArchiveGPT is now available for all Archive users

We’re hard at work building the ultimate platform for influencer marketers. We want to help you activate more influencers in less time and manage your programs headache-free.

For us, that means AI-ifying to streamline your job, save you time and money, and eliminate the grunt work that drags you down.

The ArchiveGPT beta is our latest step toward that goal. Archive users can get started in your library. 

Not using Archive yet? It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and you’ll have access to the ArchiveGPT beta right away.

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