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How To Sell On Instagram With Shopify

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September 16, 2022
Interested to use your Instagram page to expand your business sales reach? Read this guide on how to sell on Instagram with Shopify and other useful tips.

Online selling has become one of the best business models entrepreneurs can use. It is not yet the de facto way to sell retail, with just 20% of the market share in 2021. However, it represents $4.9 trillion in global sales, which will climb to $7.4 trillion in four years. So not too shabby.

The problem is that creating an online store is so easy the space now has millions of sellers. There are 3.7 million stores on the Shopify platform alone, so the competition for customer attention is fierce. Having an online store on Shopify is not enough.

The solution is to use other platforms to promote your business, such as social media. Instagram is particularly effective as a marketing tool as 83% of 2 billion active users discover brands on the platform.

Instagram became much more business-focused when it replaced its Activity tab with a Shop tab in late 2020. It allows Instagram Business users to sell directly to users using Instagram Shopping.

For entrepreneurs with an existing Shopify store, you can link your store directly to Instagram Shopping and vice versa. You can get another storefront that syncs with your Shopify account, accesses a larger audience, and increases revenue. Here's how you can sell on Instagram with Shopify and why.

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How Does Instagram Shopping Work?

The integration of Shopify and Instagram began in 2018. With Instagram Shopping, Instagram saw the opportunity to become a social media sales channel. It made buying online more convenient for Instagram users. Instagram users can buy new products through product tags in your posts, Stories, Reels, videos, Instagram Live, and ads.

The feature works much like any other storefront with a checkout feature. The general process goes something like this:

Online sellers with a Shopify store and an Instagram Business account can tag products using the product tagging feature.

Anyone who sees the image can click on the product to go to the Instagram storefront and access more information about it.

Users in the US can buy direct, so they don't have to leave the Instagram app; users outside the US can click on "View on Website" to send them to your Shopify store.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. The feature also lets you create product pages complete with descriptions and product images. You can also create product catalogs into themes with Collections, pretty much like in your Shopify store.

Instagram and Shopify work as complementary sales channels for your business to generate profits. They work in tandem to reach more customers and make buying your products or services easier. You can use this integration in two ways:

Boost Your Shopify Store with Your Instagram Feed

Integrating your feed is the best way to boost your Shopify store if you have an Instagram following. User-generated content (UGC) showing satisfied customers using the product is excellent social proof that can promote your brand.

Migrate Shopify to Your Instagram Page

You can migrate your Shopify product catalog in its entirety to your Instagram Business profile using the Instagram Shopping feature. All products on your Shopify store display automatically on the Instagram storefront. You can retarget customers that buy or abandon carts on your store on Instagram to get them back.

Note that you can only sell physical products on an Instagram store. The platform cannot handle the sale of digital products or services.

You can double your exposure and increase conversion rates with two storefronts in perfect sync. That's the real benefit of linking your Instagram and Shopify stores.

How To Set Up Instagram Shopping and Shopify

Integrating Instagram into your Shopify store and vice versa can boost your business tremendously. Failing to take advantage of the integration features is a mistake. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get set up quickly.

Connect Instagram to Shopify

Instagram Shopping lets you connect Instagram to Shopify so you can start selling on social media platforms. The process is relatively easy.

Step 1: Ensure eligibility and compliance

Make sure what you sell on your online store is in line with Instagram's commerce policies and terms of service. You should also check if Instagram Shopping is available in your country to receive approval to tag products. Always check, as Instagram updates the list regularly. Note that you may lose the ability to tag products if you are not in an eligible country, such as when traveling.

Step 2: Sign up for Instagram Business

You need a business account to access the Instagram Shopping feature and other useful tools such as analytics and insights. To switch your personal to a business account, do the following:

  1. Tap on your profile
  2. Go to the menu on the upper right corner of the app and tap Settings
  3. Tap Account
  4. Navigate to the end of the page and tap on "Switch to Professional Account

Step 3: Link your Facebook Business profile

Accessing some of the best Instagram features, such as Instagram Shopping, requires linking it to Facebook. It benefits you because Facebook has 75.28% of the social media market share as of June 2022. In any case, you need to create a Facebook Business page before you can link it to your Instagram shop.

Step 4: Add products to Instagram

Once you've established and linked your business pages on Facebook and Instagram, you can upload products from your Shopify store (see below). All products added to your Instagram store from your Shopify store will automatically sync.

Step 5: Start selling on Instagram

After adding products to your Instagram store, you can start tagging products. Your followers and anyone who sees your tagged products can click for more information. They can also buy it directly from the app (the US only) or your Shopify store.

Add Shopify Products to Instagram

The previous steps outline what you need to do to connect Instagram to Shopify. This section deals with how to add products from your Shopify store to Instagram.

  1. Go to your Shopify store's admin panel. Tap Settings > Apps and sales channels. Tap on the plus sign to see options.
  2. Tap the plus sign on the Facebook option to see the permissions required to add it to the Sales Channels. Tap Update sales channel. You should see Facebook under your Sales Channels.
  3. Tap on the Facebook sales channel to see the options.
  4. Choose Sell your product on Instagram and tap Start setup for our purposes here. The screen will give you recommendations for a smooth setup, including using an established Facebook account, managing admin permissions, and switching to an Instagram Professional account.
  5. Connect your Facebook accounts to the Facebook sales channel.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Tap Request approval.
  8. Once you get approval from Meta, open the profile options on your Instagram Business account and tap Settings.
  9. Tap Business > Shopping. Confirm your Facebook account.
  10. Choose the product catalogs to connect.
  11. Tap Done. Your Shopify and Instagram store products will sync automatically. Go to the product's edit page if you need to edit anything with a product.

Set Up Instagram Checkout

To set up Instagram Shopping for in-app purchases, you must establish a checkout method. Instagram introduced Instagram Checkout in early 2019, enabling users to buy directly on the mobile app.

Instagram Checkout is a simple and secure way to pay for purchases without leaving Instagram. Buyers only need to enter basic information the first time they use the feature. That includes their names, email, shipping address, and billing information. The Checkout system will send the buyer shipping and delivery information.

Setting up Checkout is easy once you activate Instagram Shopping. From there, you only need to do the following steps:

  1. Tap on the Facebook Channel and tap Settings.
  2. Tap Commerce settings.
  3. Navigate to Checkout method and choose Directly on Facebook and Instagram (US accounts only) or Your Shopify Online Store. Tap Save.
  4. Tap Start setup of Payment settings. You can choose Shopify Payments, third-party payment platforms, or PayPal.
  5. Complete the required details for each option, then click Save.
  6. Put in your state tax and shipping options, then click Save.
  7. Tap Finish Setup.
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Add Instagram Feed to Your Shopify Store

A benefit of linking your Instagram account with your Shopify store is you use your feed on your Shopify store. The UGC, such as Instagram videos and photos from satisfied customers, provides social proof to boost your brand awareness. So how can you do that?

Shopify does not have a built-in feature to display your Instagram feed on your online store. You need to find an Instagram Feed app on the Shopify App Store. There are 280 apps available for that purpose, more than half of which are free forever, offer a free trial, or have a free version.

Each app will have instructions to embed the code for your Instagram Feed on Shopify. Below are the general steps that should apply to most apps.

  1. Select an Instagram Feed app and install it in your Shopify store.
  2. On your Instagram account, click on the three dots and choose Embed. Copy the HTML code.
  3. Generate a User Token to allow your Shopify store access to your Instagram account.
  4. From your Shopify store's admin, navigate to Online Store and tap on Themes > Customize.
  5. On the next screen, choose the Home tab and tap on Sections. Tap Add sections.
  6. Find Instagram Feed and tap on Add.
  7. Find the Access Token field and paste the access token you generated. Tap Save.

At this point, the next step will depend on the Instagram Feed app you choose. Most will require you to specify where to display your feed. Follow the instructions for embedding your feed.

You can also choose to go to your Shopify admin and tap on Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code. Look for "index.liquid" in the code and paste the embed code you copied from your Instagram account after it. Tap Save.

You can specify the layout and design of the Instagram Feed on your online store. Remember that Instagram Feed apps only show what you have on your account. To keep your content always fresh and relevant, you need social media aggregator tools such as Archive App. They collect mentions of your brand on Instagram, which you can add to your feed.

Archive App automatically downloads UGC from Instagram posts and Stories, so you don't need to do it manually. Your job is to choose what to include in your feed from your app's storage.

Tips on How To Sell Effectively on Instagram

Connecting your Instagram and Shopify stores is just the first step in reaping the benefits of an Instagram sales channel. Optimize your marketing opportunities to sell more. These tips should help.

Choose great photos

Using incredible photos attracts the attention of potential customers to e-commerce stores, and you want that. Always feature high-resolution images that will make your target audience pause and take notice of your brand. However, stunning photos are only as good as their capacity to reflect your brand message. Use images that puts your product in a good light, literally.

Use videos

Most users are more likely to engage more with brands that include videos, leading 88% of marketers to use them in their campaigns. Fortunately, Archive App curates Instagram Stories. Finding and including the best ones in your Instagram feed should not take too much effort.

Create Stories

Everybody loves Stories. In one survey, 58% of participants showed increased interest in brands after seeing Instagram Stories. About the same percentage say they went to a brand's website after seeing it in Stories. Have a good mix of Instagram ads and UGC Stories to keep your brand authentic.

Have a great profile

Instagram users will likely check out your profile to learn more about your products and brands. Typically, you have just a small space for an image, such as a logo and bio. Make sure they display well and describe your brand admirably. Use emojis when appropriate and include a URL.

Use captions to drive the message

Captions are short but can make a significant impact when appropriately crafted. Couple it with a great image, and you have a power combo for Instagram brand marketing. They can provide context for a cohesive brand experience and guide your audience to take the desired action.

An effective caption is short with a strong call-to-action (CTA). Make sure it is grammatically correct and free of errors. Find out more about CTAs and other best practices for Instagram brand marketing on our site.

Choose your hashtags

Hashtags increase the visibility and performance of an account, so make sure you use them to significant effect. However, be mindful about the hashtags you use and avoid overstuffing. Have a good mix of branded and relevant large, medium, and small hashtags.

Leverage Your Marketing on Instagram With Archive

Creating shoppable Instagram posts by linking your Shopify store and Instagram Shopping is an excellent marketing strategy. Ecommerce brands can expand their reach and increase revenues without too much effort or cost. Follow these steps to set up your accounts, and you are on the right path.

A particularly clever tactic is embedding your Instagram Feed to display on your Shopify store. You can maximize the benefits of this strategy by ensuring your content is always fresh and relevant. Archive App can help by automatically identifying and saving Instagram brand mentions. You can use the saved UGC in your feed to attract new customers and improve your conversion rates.

Don't wait. Try Archive App for Shopify for free to let people know about your brand!

Selling on Instagram with Shopify to expand your sales reach is a powerful way to grow your business. Leverage your Instagram marketing strategies with Archive today! Visit us for more valuable tips and resources.

FAQs on How To Sell On Instagram With Shopify

Do you have to use Shopify to sell on Instagram?

No. Instagram Shopping integrates well with other e-commerce platforms such as WordPress.

How do I promote a Shopify store on Instagram?

The best way is to link your Instagram for Business account with your Shopify store. That way, you can embed your Instagram feed on the website.

Can I sell on Instagram without Shopify?

Yes. Instagram Shopping does not require an online store or website to offer shoppable posts using product tags.

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