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Guide on How To Download Insta Videos

Published on
December 16, 2022
Most people find it challenging to download Insta videos posted by other users. Discover some tools and tips that can help make it a lot easier here.

Video content has been one of Instagram's defining offerings. People love to create reels or stories to share their experiences or entertain other users.

If you want to enjoy other people's Instagram content, the app allows you to download or archive it for later. Unfortunately, the save option limits users. For one, you must go online to view and experience your saved content again. Plus, you can't save other users' Instagram stories.

One of the best ways to enjoy an Instagram video is to download it for personal or business use. From online downloaders to mobile apps, find out how to download Insta videos below.

Manual Download on a Mobile Device

Modern smartphones are capable of capturing videos through screen recording. Because of this, users can manually download their favorite Instagram stories or reels on their mobile devices.

Screen recording works the same way on iPhone or Android devices. Doing it takes a few simple steps too. Simply swipe your menu and look for the screen record button. Typically, your smartphone will tell you when a recording is in progress. For instance, you can see a red dot or timer on the upper part of your screen.

Furthermore, you can do a few things to ensure a clean screen capture. For one, let your video play out during recording. For example, select an IGTV video in the Instagram app, hit record, and don't touch the screen. Touching the screen while recording might mute the video or accidentally scroll it to another video.

Additionally, ensure you set your audio correctly to capture the sound quality better. Put your phone to Do Not Disturb to prevent notifications from interrupting your video.

Once you finish recording, trim and crop the video, whether you're using it for marketing or personal use. Doing this will keep out the unnecessary parts that may take your experience away. For example, the video ends and automatically transitions to another or repeats itself.

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Downloading Through a Computer

You can download an Instagram post through your computer in various ways. These are the following:

Source code

It might sound like something that an IT professional would do, but anyone can pull it off. All it takes is finding the correct code.

Right-click on your desired IG post, then click "Inspect" or press Ctrl+Shift+I. Head to the "Elements" section and look for a link that starts with the code "=src." Copy and paste that link to a new tab. When you do this, the video starts playing immediately. Right-click and select "save video as." Confirm the download and wait until it's completed.

Browser extension

Google Chrome users can install an extension to download Instagram videos. These add-ons let you download them in high-quality MP4 format.

One of the best examples of this extension is the Instagram Downloader offered by HuiBuh. When you install this, you will find a "Download" icon on each thumbnail on an Instagram account. Simply select one and hit the button.

Downloader extensions work similarly in both Windows and macOS.

Online downloader

Meanwhile, there are online downloaders that you can use for your favorite Instagram reels. One example of this is the AceThinker Free Online Downloader.

When using this platform, copy the URL of your desired Instagram video. Then, paste it into the URL field in the site and click "Download." Wait for the app to analyze the video link, then hit the "Download" button beside the thumbnail. Choose your desired quality and proceed.

The best thing about online downloaders is there’s no need to create an account to download. Plus, they work across various browsers, from Safari to Chrome.

If you're using other online downloaders, don't worry. They generally work the same as the one mentioned above.

Downloading Through a Mobile App

If downloading Instagram reels through a computer seems too much work, try installing a downloader on your mobile device.

Various tools are available for download in the App Store or Google Play. Some of the best options include Repost: For Instagram, Reposter For Instagram, InsTake, and InstaGet. Most of them work well with both Android and iOS. However, certain apps work only on specific operating systems.

Generally, they offer a straightforward way to download your desired video. They also allow you to remove watermarks from any Instagram content.

Pro Tip: When screen-recording Instagram videos, ensure that you have an excellent WiFi connection. Doing this will prevent interruptions in your recording.

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FAQs on How To Download Insta Videos

Is it illegal to download Instagram videos?

It's not illegal to download any Instagram video if it's for personal use. However, repurposing the content as your work might get you in trouble. That includes re-editing the video and reposting it.

Always credit its owner if you plan to repost a downloaded Instagram video. You also have to claim that you don't own all the rights to the content.

Can you download Instagram live videos?

The only way to download Instagram live videos is to manually screen-record them. That means you have to time it perfectly to capture the whole video.

Can you use downloaders for Instagram photos?

Apart from videos, you can also use a tool to download Instagram photos. Since you can't download any image directly from the Instagram app, you can use a downloader as an alternative.

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