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Insider's Guide: Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot?

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July 6, 2023
Does Instagram notify when you screenshot other users' content? Know the answer and learn more about the platform's screenshot-worthy content here.

We don't need statistics to know that Instagram is one of today's most prominent social media channels. With no less than 2 billion monthly active users (MAU) worldwide, it's the third most popular social network as of January 2023.

Instagram's cool, sleek design and features make it particularly attractive to young people aged 18 to 24. These users comprise a third of the platform's MAU, while the rest of the pie goes to younger and older users.

According to Techjury, people use Instagram for about 29 minutes daily. They may be exploring other users' new or old content, posting their own, liking and commenting, and perhaps taking screenshots.

After all, we all have reasons for taking screenshots on Instagram, but we also usually want to do it anonymously. So does Instagram notify you when you screenshot something on another person's profile? This article delves into that and the five types of Instagram content you might fancy capturing on your smartphone.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram is a top social media platform offering various content types.
  • The platform does not notify account owners when other users take screenshots of their content, except for disappearing messages.
  • Some apps specialize in enabling users to screenshot anything on Instagram, even disappearing messages, without the account owners' knowledge.

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5 Types of Instagram Content and Notification-Free Screenshots

According to DataReportal's Digital 2022: July Global Statshot Report, about 59 percent of the world's population is now on social media. We don't blame them. These platforms can be pretty engaging, especially Instagram, where users enjoy the following content types with the freedom to take screenshots:

Feed posts

Feed posts can be static images posted solo or in a carousel of up to 10 pictures or videos up to 60 seconds long. These posts serve as the main content of an Instagram account.

An Instagram post on a personal account mirrors the owner's personality. In contrast, those on a business account reflect the featured brand. Sometimes, marketers take screenshots of their own feed posts in the platform's trademark grid to get an overall feel for their content, ensuring it aligns with their branding.

Regardless, Instagram will not notify the account owner when someone screenshots their photo, whether in the home feed, the user profile, or the Explore page. Screen recordings of videos can also be done without any notifications.


Instagram Stories can also be images or videos, but they can only be viewed within 24 hours after posting. Older stories will be archived where only the owner can access them unless reshared.

In any case, a user can screenshot a story to have a copy in their phone’s camera roll. If they own the account, they can save the content under Highlights to keep it visible beyond the time limit.

Can a user screenshot an Instagram Story without the account owner's knowledge? The answer is yes, at least today. During the content type's testing phase, which began in February 2018, the platform did alert account owners whenever other users took a screenshot of their story. This feature soon created controversy, which led Instagram to stop sending screenshot notifications by June of the same year.


Instagram Reels are short-form vertical videos that go to a separate feed where users can view them, but the account owner can also choose to show them both on that separate feed and their own feed.

Regardless, these reels are statistically proven to be twice as engaging as any other post type on the platform. Anyone can take screenshots of them, too. However, that may seem absurd, as capturing the essence of a video in a still image would be impossible.

Besides advertising, branded Instagram Reels can also impart valuable information, such as product details or educational content, and users might take screenshots to save important information. Will the account owner ever be notified? No.

Instagram videos

In 2021, Instagram combined IGTV and feed videos into a single format: Instagram Videos. With their own tab differentiating them from reels, videos can run for a full hour, giving creators more freedom and the opportunity to put out higher-quality work.

Additionally, Instagram Videos can work like reels by offering valuable information through interviews, product reviews, or tutorials. Users can always take screenshots to save essential details without saving the entire video or alerting the account owner.

Live broadcasts

Instagram Live broadcasts are videos that stream in real-time and may be saved to be posted later under Instagram Videos. Brands and influencers often use this form of content to reach their Instagram followers more personally and remain relevant in the community.

The more relevant they are, the faster they can grow on the channel. Of course, anyone can take screenshots of a video as it streams. Like all other Instagram content, the platform will not notify the account owner.

Profile Screenshots Without Worries

Image by on Pexels

Sometimes, Instagram users take screenshots of other users' profiles, and we all have our reasons. These screenshots do not alert account owners, including prominent people with verified accounts or check marks beside their usernames. It's a social networking site, after all!

Instagram users will see that information publicly, whether or not they even take screenshots. Users concerned about privacy issues can simply turn their accounts into private mode, automatically blocking non-followers.

Does Instagram ever send screenshot notifications?

If the platform removed the screenshot notification feature after creating a stir with Instagram Stories, you might wonder whether you can take screenshots all over the site. The answer is not precisely yes, because Instagram will send a notification when the subject of the screenshot is a disappearing message.

The Instagram vanish mode was launched in 2020, allowing a user to send a disappearing photo, video, text, or any other content to another user. Disappearing messages are like ordinary Instagram messages, except they will vanish from the direct message thread when someone leaves the chat or switches off the vanish mode.

Instagram users deliberately turn on the vanish mode for a purpose, so screengrabs of disappearing messages will understandably notify users who want the conversation private.

Did you know? Instagram was initially called Codename before it officially became Instagram during its 2010 launch. The site, co-founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, is now 13 years old and owned by Meta Platforms, Inc., Facebook's parent company.

Feel Free To Take Instagram Screenshots

You may want to save information about a company on your phone, or maybe you've found your long-lost high school crush and want to share the news with a friend. Screenshots are the way to go, and you can take them anonymously, whether it's a story, reel, photo, video, or even an Instagram profile.

Then again, you'll want to be extra careful with disappearing messages. We know people purposely keep those conversations private, so it's best to respect them and avoid the embarrassment of being caught with a screenshot notification.

However, if you must screenshot everything, including disappearing messages, you can use software specifically intended for this purpose. This app from Archive can take screenshots wherever and whenever on the site without sending any Instagram notifications to the account owner.

Get in touch with us and enjoy more freedom with your favorite platforms like Instagram. Contact us today, and we'll ensure you can take those screenshots anonymously.

FAQs on Instagram Notifying When You Screenshot

Can Instagram detect my screenshot if I took it on a web browser?

The Instagram app cannot detect screenshots made from a web browser using any screenshot tool, whether downloaded or built into the device. This trick works even for disappearing messages.

What should I do if I get caught taking an Instagram screenshot?

The best thing to do is admit you took a screenshot of a story or text messages from Instagram DMs. Most importantly, tell the account owner you have no problem deleting the screenshot if they desire.

Can I screenshot a disappearing message anonymously with my phone in airplane mode?

In airplane mode, your iOS or Android device automatically blocks cellular signals. Hence, even if you took screenshots of disappearing messages, Instagram would have no way of knowing or notifying the account owner. However, this approach can be tricky because your phone can glitch and make you think it's already in airplane mode when it's actually experiencing lag. That means Instagram might detect your screenshot and send notifications to the account owner.

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