Drive more revenue and save time with community marketing automations
Automate and reward engaged Instagram followers. Our IG DM flow invites members to join based on their followers' size, post, or comment. We detect and score their social engagement to feed directly into your loyalty program.
Used and trusted by 1000+ companies
Feastables works with Archive to manage their UGCOpenStore works with Archive to manage their UGCPARADE works with Archive to manage their UGCDIFF works with Archive to manage their UGCOlipop works with Archive to manage their UGCMUDWTR works with Archive to manage their UGC

A cheerful goodbye to how you used to manage your brand’s tagged posts.

Projects completed
We’ve helped build over 400 amazing projects.
Increased efficiency
We’ve helped build over 400 amazing projects.
Saved on salaries
We’ve helped build over 400 amazing projects.
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We’ve helped build over 400 amazing projects.
Archive is how fast-growing brands turn content into customers.

Automate your marketing

Automate your loyalty program by detecting brand interactions like UGC with @mentions or #tags, reply to @mention story, comments under your posts, and IG DMs with keywords or influencer inbound.

Filter based on comments, UGC sentiment, quality, and type segments.

Engagement-driven triggers include IG posts, story likes/views/plays, influencer posts and comments, and follower count.
Brand mention detected
Loyalty Program Invitation
With Archive, invite creators that mention @mention in an IG Story to your loyalty program natively through IG DMs.
New comment detected
Loyalty Points Based on
Comment Quality
Archive collects quantitative data for each social profile & their actions. Each action can be scored and sent to your loyalty cloud.
UGC&Brand mention detected
Loyalty Points Based on
Engagement Stats and
Content Type
Our AI models segment UGC by content type and analyze sentiment, allowing for personalized and targeted loyalty program rewards based on customer interests and emotions expressed in the content.
Easy API integration
Archive API Events
Archive API events trigger loyalty program actions, social engagement points, surveys, emails, or SMS based on third-party integrations.
Don’t Take Our Word For It
How "Long Drink" transformed giveaway chaos into artistry with Archive.
Giveaway Announcement
Giveaway Announcement from Long Drink
AI-Driven Brand Detection
AI-Driven Brand Recognition for Long Drink from Archive
Instant Reward
Thanks to Archive, Long Drink was able to run smoothly the giveaway.
Archive built this workflow to help Long Drink put giveaways on autopilot
Long Drink attributes its success to Archive's AI-powered vision algorithm. They effortlessly sifted through user-generated content, identifying product placements and brand mentions.

Archive handled all the logistics, from pinpointing the optimal brand placement and monitoring Instagram mentions to collecting shipment addresses and following up if an address still needed to be provided. They saw a 99.6% form submission rate.
Jack Paxton, Founder of Top Growth Marketing is a happy customer of Archive.

"Archive app has really helped us organize and improve our creative process."

Jack Paxton, Founder of Top Growth Marketing is a happy customer of Archive.
Jack Paxton
Founder Top Growth Marketing
Loyalty Rewards for Community Engagement on Autopilot
Our AI-powered vision algorithm makes it effortless to discover user-generated content, identify product placements, and offer loyalty rewards for community engagement. With this tech stack, you can automate the process and make it simpler than ever before.
Automate Retail Discovery Conversion
Increase retail discovery conversion with a multi-stage approach, allowing you to automatically invite new customers to join your ambassador program, incentivize existing customers, and respond to user-generated content on behalf of your brand. This system increases brand awareness and helps foster a strong and loyal community of brand advocates.
Automate Ambassador Activations
Drive brand loyalty and ambassador activations with our API and AI-powered workflows and rewards. Archive helps automate your ambassador program, ensuring customers are rewarded for their loyalty and dedication to your brand.
Integrations Make The World Go ‘Round

Archive seamlessly supports your entire tech stack

Archive easily integrates with Zapier.Easily create Meta Campaigns with UGC generated with the help of Archive.Creating TikTok Ad Campaigns is a breeze with Archive.It's easy to integrate Archive with Klaviyo and take your marketing efforts to the next level.Archive seamlessly integrates with SnowBall.
Integrate without engineers. Our Zapier integration lets you increase sales and boost loyalty through automated workflows built around specific customer behaviors and interactions.
Make UGC ads easier. Use the UGC saved in your Archive library to create ads and send them directly to Facebook Ads Manager. View, edit, and track results for all your active UGC-based campaigns.
Simplify TikTok advertising. Once you’ve turned that killer video into your latest UGC-based ad campaign, automatically migrate your content from Archive into TikTok Ads Manager.
Optimize your multi-channel marketing. Increase sales, drive repeat business, and nurture loyalty with targeted SMS and email campaigns based on customer interactions across your ecosystem.
Automate your affiliate marketing end-to-end process with Social Snowball. Frictionless affiliate programs for your customers & creators. Incentivize, automate, and analyze word-of-mouth marketing amongst your customers, creators, and community.
Don’t Take Our Word For It
Hear it straight from brands that switched to Archive
Carla Rodriguez - Founder at MeditationMania works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive has streamlined our digital marketing operations. With their platform, we can easily manage and track user-generated content, saving us time and resources."

Carla Rodriguez
Founder&Board Member @ MeditationMania
Roberta Blake - Growth Manager at 4Paws works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive is a game-changer for community management. Their platform automates the tedious tasks of tracking and sharing user-generated content, freeing up time for more important tasks."

Roberta Blake
Growth Manager @ 4Paws
Vasili Dryakov - Business owner at GetWhatYouWant works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"As a small business owner, Archive has been a lifesaver! Their platform saves me hours of time by automatically collecting and organizing all my social media posts in one place."

Vasili Dryakov
Business Owner @ GetWhatYouWant
Gerard Marche - Marketing Officer at Luminar Technologies works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"I love how Archive makes it easy to repurpose content. Requesting usage rights is a breeze, and I can quickly create new marketing materials from existing posts."

Gerard Marche
Marketing Officer @ Luminar Technologies
Marine Rabatt - Marketing Manager at Zippeables works with Archive to manage their UGC.

"Archive has revolutionized our social media strategy! With their automated tagging feature, we can easily track and share user-generated content across multiple platforms."

Marine Rabatt
Marketing Manager @ Zippeables